A new (scientific!) way to please a girl on the first date!

And not on the twenty-third, as usual.

For centuries, people have been striving to make a positive impression on each other, and in our day this striving has not gone away (even if now for negative impression do not burn at the stake). Every minute on the Internet there are all the new articles, studies, essays and poems on the topic “How to please the girl on the first date.”

I decided to support this trend and I hasten to share with you the original way. I hope that the base – for example, if possible, take a shower before each date and pull out the toads from the pockets – my reader has already mastered.

My advice is based on a study carried out by psychologist Arthur Aron from the University of New York in the late 1990s and has become legendary in psychological circles.

Professor Aaron proved that even strangers can inflame each other with serious sympathy in just 45 minutes – due to the fact that they trust each other confidential information.

There were 36 questions on Aaron’s list that the study participants asked each other. For example, “When did you last sing?” Or “What do you value most in friendship?” And similar questions in the same intimate spirit.

It is not surprising that, having laid out the interlocutor with personal information about himself, we become closer. Therefore, if you want to create an elusive spiritual connection with a girl already on the first date, tell her, for example, that you hated woolen tights most of all as a child. And you better tell it before you accidentally drop your plate of bolognese paste on the girl.

By Cindy
May 24, 2019

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