The stronger you smell, the more women around you want to drink

And this is not an insult, but the result of scientific research.

Smells, sexuality and reproduction are connected – we more or less knew about it. But what we did not know, and what the scientists from the University of South Florida decided to tell us, is that smells, sexuality and alcohol are also connected!

The results of the study directly relate to anyone who likes to drink or go on dates or both at the same time.

The first discovery that scientists have made: when a man is close to a woman who is experiencing ovulation, he consumes more alcohol – of course, if there is alcohol nearby. Apparently, in order to gain courage and in a stray language, say “To you or to me? But I live with my mother.”

Based on these data, the scientists conducted another study: this time they decided to find out how male smells affect women’s desire to drink. The study was conducted in the laboratory with the help of 103 women and alcohol (I would not be surprised if a “laboratory” means a bar). Women were offered to sniff two types of probes – with the aroma of water (that is, virtually odorless) and with the aroma of processed products of the male hormone androstenol.

So, the more often women came across the scent of androstenol, the more actively they drank the proposed alcoholic drink! (It, alas, for security reasons, was non-alcoholic beer).

In other words, when a woman feels your masculine scent, she begins to anticipate the physical continuation of dating. In order to remove this excitement and relax, it is increasingly turning to the sedative, granted to us by nature itself. Bear in mind, this does not mean that every woman will like your smell, alas. Every woman has her own taste for pheromones, which we cannot control at all.

By Cindy
May 22, 2019

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