Parting alive (Continuation)


And now the most despicable and selfish ways of breaking, absolutely not taking into account the feelings of girls. By a strange coincidence, they are sometimes the most effective.

• Operation “Joy is all one”

Do you have a nice and ready-made friend? Then quickly persuade him to “take away” your girlfriend. Not necessarily forever. The main task is to untie your hands. After the girl herself leaves you or you arrange a scene for her, allegedly having caught the newly made couple, your friend can, in turn, throw your ex. With proper skill, this game can be played for years, throwing the girl in turn.

A plus. The girl will not blame you.

Minus. Apply this tactic against a girl with high moral principles is unlikely to succeed.

• Operation “Burned Out at Work”

You are always busy. You are not there forever. And when you finally have it, she is already asleep. Such treatment girls usually do not stand up and one day quietly go. And if we group this plan with the previous one …

A plus. When you learn to spend all your life at work, not seeing God’s light, you can get involved in any famous company.

Minus. Many girls hate the tactics of “gradual fading of relationships”. She will try to stir you up, and the last months before a long-awaited break will seem like hell to you.

• Operation “There is nowhere worse”

You just suddenly become bad. You stop bathing, you keep winter tires in a bread box, you give her laundry two sizes larger than you need, and then you attach it to your work colleague. And finally, the worst thing is that you honestly answer the question: “Don’t you think that I recovered a bit?”

A plus. You do not need to do anything special. Just be yourself – and she will reach out to someone else!

Minus. The girl is unlikely to believe you. According to eyewitnesses, “it doesn’t happen that the guy is good at first, and then suddenly he gets up to do such things.”

New life from monday

8% of men in order to part with a girl, secretly left for another apartment

Here it is! It is finished! Hooray or what? Something I can not hear your slender enthusiastic screams. Do you know why? This is stressful. The usual stress that can be dealt with. No matter how stable a psyche a man possesses, if he initiates a break, the first days of loneliness will still be hard for him. Affects breaking behavioral pattern. The worst thing that can happen to you now is the acquisition of complexes. For example, the guilt complex. Or a complex that does not have a special name in psychology: “I am already thirty-five (twenty-three, fourteen)! I can never love again. ” Also beware of sudden reconciliation. Together, you still will not. And with each next break, the complexes will only accumulate.

To survive a difficult period (usually limited to a week, by the way), keep in mind the following tips. Don’t have sex with the first girl you find, trying to force out memories of what you just left. After a long relationship, it’s usually impossible to tune in to a new partner at a time. If you suffer a fiasco, there will be a deceptive feeling that having sex with anyone other than your ex cannot be good by definition. Within two to three weeks it would be good to be limited to nothing.

Try not to drink or resort to other doping. You need to keep yourself in hand. She can call you at the most inopportune moment and take an uncomfortable question by surprise. The answer, having broken from a barely mobile tongue, may cost you another couple of months of a protracted break. Yes, and at night, the phone is better off just in case.

If possible, try changing your apartment or work. The more fully the stress associated with the beginning of a new life, the easier it will be to overcome the gap itself. Is it up to the girl now when you are moving, trying not to lose a box with socks on your right leg on the way?

Actually, that’s all. Be strong, buddy.

By Cindy
May 19, 2019

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