Parting alive

Several effective ways to throw a girl in the range from the most humane to the most dishonest.

Breaking up with a girl after the One-Time Adventure is easy. You take her to breakfast in a cafe, you make sure by simple questioning that she does not remember the way to you, and then you will disappear for a week without answering the calls.

Another thing – Relationships. When acquaintance with parents and buying accessories for a common electric toothbrush are behind, the gap seems like an event shameful and difficult. After all, it is still the best! And the fact that you have been shying away from sex for a week and can only fall asleep by squeezing an imaginary ax in your hands is the result of stress. Yeah.

But one day you will have to admit that the relationship is exhausted, and quit the girl. Not this, so next. So it’s better this one (all of a sudden the next one will be good). Men usually overestimate the damage done to the female psyche during a break. Meanwhile, most women in such situations are flourishing: losing weight, finding a job, making a sexy haircut. So parting is probably the best gift a man can give a woman.

It’s not about her

What makes people, or, in other words, men, part with their companions? Scientists, as usual, blamed everything on hormones, and more specifically, on vasopressin. His body is the greater, the less testosterone. When you enter into a relationship, passions boil, and vasopressin does not even think to manifest itself. But over time, when you get used to your partner, the male hormones in you become less and less, and vasopressin – more and more. It is he, according to physiologists, who is responsible for dissatisfaction with life and the desire to spread its influence as far as possible. Animals from an overdose of vasopressin rush to mark their territory and grab new areas: the grizzlies tear the bark of trees with their claws, the cats spoil the furniture.

This theory has been criticized more than once, but there is some truth in it. When a man is alone, he is extremely complex, because the loneliness of a man in society is considered a manifestation of his weakness. And when you’re alone, your self-esteem drops to almost zero. But once you meet a girl, she starts to grow. Grows, grows – and once reaches its peak. Then you look back at your partner and tell yourself: hey, and I, such a great guy, can find someone better for myself!

You leave her – and self-esteem slides back to zero. At this point, a man, if he is not quickly distracted by something new, rethinks broken relationships and almost always tries to restore them. In no case can this be done! A repeated break, for more or less the same reasons, is inevitable!

Why it happens? By virtue of human nature itself. Your sine wave of self-esteem will always range from zero to one. Only the oscillation frequency can change, but the maximum point each time will be about the same. However, this is the lyrics, – all this is the background of partings, which is difficult to identify. But there are more accurate markers of a quick break.

Break point

Set the exact date and time when you tell the girl everything. And do not try to move! It is important to get rid of unnecessary worries and look at the situation soberly. If you know the exact date of the gap, the person calms down. Or, on the contrary, begins to worry even more – and burns out just in time for the fateful hour. In both cases, the desired degree of detachment is achieved.

Choose to talk neutral territory. Ideal cafes and shops – places where you will be visible. So she will not be able to give free rein to her emotions. (Or, at least, you will have time to call for help from the guys from the security service.)

Do not prepare the girl in advance. Do not utter this stupid phrase “We need to talk,” even a few minutes before the actual breakup. In this case, she will have time to build a defense strategy and prepare arguments. Not that you should be afraid of her arguments – are you sure of yourself? Sure? Yeah, now and hesitated. There is such a paradox: a person who throws usually feels a little better after a break than an abandoned one. Knowing this, many girls try to throw men first – just to feel like queens of the situation. For such a vile step, a girl may have a few seconds separating “We need to talk” from “I want to part with you.”

Do not list her shortcomings, even if she asks! In fact, the girl does not need reasons, but hope. She hopes to talk and confuse you, and then take the situation into her own hands.

Take a break. After parting, the girl goes through five stages: denial of fact, anger, an attempt to enter into an agreement, depression and acceptance. Knowing this, you can build an almost perfect course of action. During the first stage you should stand your ground. During the second – to leave the cafe (it will be easier to do, because you will see it in anger, and people in anger are usually scary or at least inconspicuous). At the time of the third go underground: turn off the phone, do not meet with her. The agreement stage is the most dangerous. A girl can cope with her shortcomings for a while in order to keep you. But if you get off now, it will only be a short delay. One day you will still be parted for the same reason as this time.

There are no recipes for translating “depression” into “accepting a fact”. One helps re-meeting, the other – a long period of silence. In any case, a respite is required.

So now that you have the perfect breakup plan, be honest: do you have the courage to follow it? So I decided to provide you with some other know-how just in case. But more about that next time.

By Cindy
May 18, 2019

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