Scientists have found out what happens to you when a girl leaves you

The scientific rationale for the depths of despair, which swallowed you after the girl left.

You probably noticed that some partings are given to us easily, while others rip out the heart, turn the soul, and even deal with other organs without a hint of benevolence. This, of course, about the partings, the initiator of which is not you, but the girl. (When you are the initiator, the only feeling after breaking up is usually relief.)

Scientists at the Stanford Psychology Department have finally found an explanation for the bizarre phenomenon of human nature. To do this, they had to run for 891 research participants, slipping tests on the topic of separation and rejection.

And that’s what turned out.

It turned out that the less parting is related to our personality, the less it is painful. For example, if a girl says to you: “I am moving to the other end of the city, from there to go with three transfers, well, you understand …” – you will not be offended much. Because it’s not about you, but about the circumstances.

We are just as easy to survive parting if a girl who, as we have always suspected, does not know us too well, does not share our interests and never understands our habit of talking about ourselves in the plural.

The most painful blows we get from the one in whom we have always appreciated the ability to admire us. If we thought that the girl understood us, shared our interests and our sense of humor, in this case the separation would be tragic for us. After all, by the fact that she refused us, she lowered our importance in her own eyes.

I convey to you the words of the head of the study, psychology professor Carol Duke: “In life there are few traumatic things like leaving a person who, having learned and studied you well, decides that he does not need you.” Totally agree with Carol! On the other hand, hitting the little finger with a hammer is even more painful. I hope this thought will console you during a difficult parting.

By Cindy
May 17, 2019

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