13 rules of happiness in family life (Part 2)

Rule number 7

Be happy

No matter how bad your mood is, whatever is going on at your job, in your head, in your country and on TV, this should not apply to her. No, you should not shine with happiness 24 hours a day. You can be sullen, angry and embittered, but in response to her question “What happened?” It’s very important not to give up evil: “Nothing!”, tell her that you have a bad mood, but she has absolutely nothing to do with it; on the contrary, she is a ray in a dark kingdom. And now, if the ray finally goes to drink coffee with buns, you, with her permission, will break the furniture a little and beat your forehead against the wall.

After all, she really wants to believe what makes you happy, this is the meaning of your relationship for her. And it is very important to regularly show her that your happiness.


When you say that you are happy, and you smile, you will be fooled by one person, even if only for a short while. Yourself. So we are arranged that our words and facial expressions not only reflect our feelings, but also partly control them. And to be guaranteed to be happy for at least one second a day is something, you can continue to live with it.

Rule number 8

Do not neglect the formalities

Chocolate spleen on the 14th, yellow vegetation on the 8th, the request of the hand and heart on the knee … Yes, of course, it is stupid, senseless, mass-cultural and not respected by the educated modern people. Maybe that’s why there are so many divorces among educated modern people?


The significance of the ritual for our consciousness is immense, no matter how we ignore this fact. A person who was not presented with a New Year’s box in a striped wrapper is somewhat different from the person to whom it was presented, even if a completely meaningless garbage lay in the box in all its merciless magnificence. We have in this issue a large article about the birth of human culture – it explains in detail why ritualism is so important for our psyche. And if in two words, our brain is designed so that the symbol for us is often more important than reality, because reality still needs to be caught by the tail, realized and analyzed, and the symbol immediately determines your place on the coordinate system. You are loved, you are needed, you are in the pack.

Rule number 9

Do not speak behind her that would not tell her in the eye

We often hesitate to talk well about our wives and husbands. We are embarrassed: they might think that we are boasting that we are the second number in the family duet, that we are too stupid and do not see the shortcomings of our spouses. Therefore, nagging at husbands and grumbling at women is a common place in conversations. And this behavior is generally wrong. First, this kind of grumbling can be conveyed to her by kind people. Secondly, belittling her in the eyes of others, you belittle her in yours. And thirdly, your actions in the eyes of the interlocutors also fall: you turn into a loser who has contacted an unsuitable girl and does not know how to improve his family life. And vice versa: words of love, respect and admiration towards their own wife in all three cases will work in exactly the opposite way. Yes, of course, serious problems in a pair can be discussed with very close friends. But only with very close ones. And very carefully choosing terms.


We are judged not only by ourselves, but also by those around us. And, the right word, where it is more effective to be a companion of a beautiful, wise and noble woman, than an innocent victim of a stupid, ugly bitch.

Rule number 10

Be exaggerated attentive to her in the presence of strangers.

This addition to rule number 9. No, you should not cover her with kisses and grab at different parts of the body in public, but to smile at her, to pay compliments, to openly demonstrate your joy from her society is a very correct behavior. Women in relationships often yearn for this gallant and even demonstrative courting, which is usually carefully avoided by regular partners, not to mention their husbands. Why do you want this longing?


And, by the way, others will also like your attachment to your companion – certainly more than a demonstration of independence and indifference to her. Because bickering, picking and squabble between couples – this is the worst, but, alas, almost a must-have meal at any event. Become a pleasant exception!

Rule number 11


Yes, women have an intuition, they understand men’s feelings and desires of the interlocutor better than men, even if he does not speak openly about them. But even better, they all understand this when they are explained in detail what the other party wants. You say women are mysterious. Ha! We are just a wide open suitcase compared to a gloomy chest, locked in a hundred locks! A chest that, after a year of silence, suddenly collects things and moves away from us, since it has long been unable to endure all this. So, look: if a) you are not satisfied with something in your life, b) something that she can change, c) something concrete that she can change, and not some kind of general wish, then everything will be appropriate -to put your feelings into words.

And this “I was silent when she dyed purple, I didn’t say anything when she encrusted her teeth with malachite asterisks, I put up with a goat in the bedroom, but vegetarian Thursday finished me off” – so, it’s just not fair. Speak!


Oddly enough, a huge number of people do not really realize their real goals. Meanwhile, by clearly formulating them – for ourselves or for someone else, we are easier to achieve them, because we know exactly where we are going. And maybe it is in a frank conversation with a girl that you realize with exceptional clarity for the first time that you really want to create an apiary, to learn Chinese in your spare time and collect banks in your free time.

Rule number 12

Keep your ears and eyes away from her secrets

Privacy works only in both directions. If you are sad that someone grazes in your mobile phone and plucks your mail, show an exceptional reverence for her mail, her iPhones and her purses. “Sorry, dear, I can’t answer this email instead of you, because I don’t want to know your password. Sorry, this is unacceptable to me: this is your personal space.” It doesn’t work right away, but in general such things are contagious.


And in fact you have nothing to do in her personal space. The less you know the better you sleep.

Rule number 13

Lie and keep quiet

You loved nobody more than her. You haven’t been so good with anyone. You have never experienced anything like this. She is the best thing that happened to you in life. Something like this.


The more confident she will be in your enthusiastic adoration, the safer will you let go of fishing, business trips and corporate parties. In men, everything is somewhat different, but in women, hellish jealousy often develops from a tiny seed of insecurity about oneself.

Now you know the main secrets of family happiness and I really hope that you can successfully use them 🙂

By Cindy
May 15, 2019

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