There are two periods in the year when couples break up most often

Statistical analysis revealed two months in which peaks of a break in relations fall.

Although the chemistry of the feelings of the partners to each other and the circumstances forcing them to be together cannot be verified by any algebra, it turns out that it is not so difficult to detect certain patterns. According to a recently published study by sociologists Brian Serafini and Julia Bryans of the American Sociological Association, every summer and every spring there is a sharp increase in divorces.

As can be clearly seen in this diagram, similar to the silhouette of a fat Batman, each year in March and August, married couples decide that it is enough. The analysis covered a 14-year period. This year is unlikely to be an exception to the rule. It is still May, and, if you haven’t given a bouquet of gladioli to your wife or girlfriend for a long time (or whatever else from the world of flora, she likes to post to Instagram), do it immediately. Perhaps, so you will extend your shaken relationship.

According to researchers, the March peak of divorce can be explained by the fact that couples who are on the brink of a gap tend to consider the period of winter holidays as an opportunity to “patch up” the relationship. However, the toothpaste is difficult to shove back into the tube: by the end of winter, all problems return and the final solution of the family issue is brewing.

The sociologists explain the August divorce peak with two possible reasons. For couples with children, this is the time when problems with school and kindergarten begin to shake their nerves. But the main thing is autumn. Light day is shortened, and this affects the overall mood decline. And, just as the number of murders decreases from spring to summer, and then increases dramatically, the number of divorces decreases in the same way, and then.

And if you survived March, now is the time to actively save your relationship and successfully survive the August peak!

By Cindy
May 13, 2019

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