10 types of men who scare girls on the first date(Part 2)


He has the uniform of a kindergarten guard, he has bad teeth, but he has already hinted that next weekend you will fly to Mauritius with him. We women love with our ears, and a small share of fantasies is even useful for us. Maybe we, too, would like to dream a couple of minutes about how you and I will be cool in Mauritius. But it’s not at all useful to lie so stupidly! The girls are not hopelessly stupid creatures, in fact!

We like fantasies when, firstly, they are decorated as fantasies, and secondly, they have legs that can somehow stand on real ground. We may well be fascinated by the story of how you, a simple builder, dream that in a couple of years you will build a big house with your own hands, in which your friendly family will live. You may have only a dozen accumulated bricks in your storeroom, but we see that you have both a goal and the possibilities to accomplish it.

But if you tell me how in two weeks you will be taken to a steer by an oil company, but while you are aground and therefore the movie is canceled for today, these fantasies will not please us at all.


Are you sure that it was really so funny – juggling pieces of cheese and howling a song hugging her waist in karaoke? You just drank a bit, deciding that some alcohol will help you to relax? You know, we don’t mind a couple of glasses of wine with a man on the first date, but if he gets so drunk he gets a red signal. And to tell you that in reality you are the hereditary leader of a society of sobriety, you will talk with answering machine.

Jealous man

Asking the girl questions: “Who constantly calls you? And why has the guy at the next table already smiled at you twice? ”- you think that you let her know how much you liked her. And she already saw in your guise all the signs of a Moorish great-great-grandfather. If on the first date a man throws the phrase: “Now I will not let you go anywhere!” – this is perceived as a hot expression of sympathy and flatters vanity. But when we see how the one whom we did not know an hour ago, let out steam from the nostrils, after we mentioned our first novel in our conversation, it scares. Women like when they are a bit jealous and slightly controlled, but when attention acquires the features of real control, it causes rejection. If we really wanted us not to be able to talk on the phone, go out, choose our job, dress, friends, and travel routes, we would just kill you to go to jail.


“Hello! I can’t talk, I have a business meeting!”. Men who lie at ease with girls give the impression of professional liars. The girl understands: soon she will be in the place of the caller. If a woman on the first date suspected her companion of lying, she will not be able to trust him in the future. Who knows, maybe he is married at all?

Do not believe? Well imagine that it was she who just so easily lied to the phone. Now you understand that an unfamiliar person who lies, our subconsciousness instantly sends to the box with the table “Do not trust” Yes, this is one of the primary abilities of a social being – to quickly label liars and rogues in order to protect themselves. And in general, frankly lying in the presence of any, even well-known witnesses is a behavioral mistake. It is better to do it in an intimate setting (if you can’t completely avoid lying, of course).


If a man enthusiastically tells what a ram his boss is, what goats are colleagues and what a sheep the neighbor who took the parking space, very soon the gentleman will be sent far away along with the whole herd. The man-whiner makes a very negative impression. Eternal complaints irritate and reduce self-esteem, not only of a whiner, but also of his passion. No, if a man mutters a couple of minutes about the slush on the street and a too noisy saxophonist in a restaurant, the girl will react to this normally. But in the third minute it is worthwhile to find at least some positive in life.

By Cindy
May 12, 2019

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