10 types of men who scare girls on the first date

Each person has his drawbacks. But many men are blind, they point out they don’t see their flaws, unlike the most astute and picky creatures in the Universe – women.

There are types of men whom women do not like. Well, many women. Because in fact, women have different tastes, among which there are also extremely original ones (the gene pool loves, you know, diversity). But if you take the female sex as a whole, then we have some dislikes.

In fact, you are not a type. You are a multifaceted unpredictable creature, an individual that is not amenable to accounting and classification. It is a pity that at the first meeting it is not always possible to guess and because of some nonsense the girl may mistakenly decide that you …


We adore when a potential man has a delicate relationship with mom, it’s so cute! In magazines with saw that in many, many years, a man will love us as much as his mom. But if on the first date he spoke three times with the parent on the phone, having had time to discuss all of her cats and the meal they ate during the day, this is a bust. Seeing how a man is afraid of not to pick up the phone when a mother calls, or, even worse, answers her calls during sex, we understand: we have a sissy before us. Only a few ladies are able to appreciate the overly warm relationship of the man with his mother. Most want to be the only woman in your life, and too bulky mom on the horizon is initially perceived as a threat. 


Throwing out the cooks from the window of the third floor of the restaurant for a tasteless soup, you think that she melts behind your back with delight. And just turning around, you discover that she seems to have completely melted. In principle, many women like assertive men. But only a very small number of girls admire true aggression. The majority can decide that a man does not know how to control himself, and such thoughts always generate fear of becoming a victim of domestic violence. The prospect of living together with a boor, who can later turn into a tyrant, does not entice anyone. So, when a man is scandalous with a pensioner who refused to give him a seat in the tram, let him not be surprised that the smell is fried: his girlfriend is already burning with shame for him.

Greedy man

Taxi drivers sometimes have bright expectations, and waiters often live in a world of dreams and illusions – illusions built on the assurance that you didn’t study arithmetic in school. But you just taught it well and immediately see that you were struck by seven coconut balls instead of six, and that you were given an extra ten percent for the night tariff, although it does not work yet. Let’s think now: what do you really want? Get into trust and get somewhere else to this beauty or one and half dollar? Most likely, you have to choose one thing. No, you should not hope that she will now admire your economy, rationality and ability to insist on it. The chance of such a development is negligible. Girls love men who know how to intelligently manage money. But when a man on a date curses when he sees a restaurant bill, it upsets us. We feel that he is not sure about the value of our meeting and believes that he overpaid for it. Generosity is always a sign of a high-ranking male. So, if a man did not take the girl home in his car, but put her in a taxi, without paying him, he is a greedy person. You asked the waiter to pour boiling water into your strawberry rooibos – petty type. After all, the first date is a man’s chance to make an impression on a girl, and we would prefer that at least on this day you look a bit wasteful. For the first time seeing a man, the lady wants to feel that he climbs out of his skin to impress her. Yes, after a month of dating, we ourselves will ask to pour boiling water into tea and arguing with taxi drivers to wheeze. But on the first date, follow the rules of the game: do not complain about the lack of money, buy her an apple on a stick – just like that, from the breadth of the soul, not expecting any gratitude from her.


By inviting her on a first date and asking where she would like to go, you think that you look noble and not restricting her choice. Instead, she concluded that you are not able to make decisions on your own. And she feels herself in your society not as behind a stone wall, but as behind a partition made of paper. Even if in fact you are just an overly polite and rational person who does not dare to call the girl to the cinema, because you are not aware of her preferences, know: it is better to make a mistake with the film than to immediately push her responsible for everything that happens. We rather appreciate your pressure and the habit of taking the initiative. Only a few girls consider indecisive men touching.


It is not necessary to ask her lip gloss. It is enough to linger at the mirror longer than she does, or offer to take a selfie with her, or grab her hand when she reaches out to your hair – you just did the styling! It is obvious to us that such men in sex are focused on the external surroundings, and not on real emotions. A man who cares too much about how he looks will appeal only to a woman who is fixated on her appearance. The rest of the girls are unlikely to dare to contact those for whom appearance is the value of top priority. A girl with complexes may be afraid that he will see some imperfection in her and insult her with his displeasure. A smart girl will not want to communicate with someone who spends too much time on trifles. The girl, looking for a strong, reliable partner, will push away the femininity of such behavior.

By Cindy
May 11, 2019

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