The age at which women cheat the most

Try not to get involved with women of this age – take care of your trembling heart!

Of course, adultery does not depend only on the age of the cheater. Here a huge number of factors are involved: do partners regularly have sex, respect each other, does a man tell a stupid joke in the presence of her partner …

In general, a lot of factors. But, as shown by a recent study, women have a certain age, during which they especially seek to cheat their partner.

The study was conducted by a dating site specializing in extramarital affairs. It turned out that the overwhelming majority of women registered on the site, that is, they felt an irresistible craving for adultery, at the age of 36.

Recently, the same site conducted a survey on the age at which women marry. It turned out that in 29 years. So, apparently, the myth that after seven years, family life ceases to seem such a wild, unbridled adventure, as in its beginning, is not quite a myth.

But do not rush to breathe with relief if your partner is already 39 years old. Tomorrow I will tell you about the danger associated with age, ending in the number “9”.

And how to prevent adultery – I have already told you.

By Cindy
May 9, 2019

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