“Plamper”, “shugaring” and 7 more female words that will help understand your girlfriend

Sometimes it seems that women speak some kind of alien language. Only you learned what cuticles are, and you remember that 20 den is the density of tights, as they immediately came up with a thousand new incomprehensible words.

So that you do not get lost in conversation with the fair sex, I have compiled for you a dictionary of the female language. Read, cram and shine with intelligence in dialogues with beautiful young ladies!


Despite all the body-positive tendencies (pay attention, another incomprehensible female word!), The overwhelming majority of girls still perform a lot of strange and terrible procedures in order to become even more beautiful and then blame you for being smelly and hairy. So this is their extremum. A terrible name and no less terrible essence: hair removal with a special sugar paste. No anesthesia!

How to use it unobtrusively in a conversation: “I remember that you signed up for shugaring on Thursday night, so I will meet with a friend after work.”

Wrong: “I have two spoons of shugaring in tea, please!”


This is when a girl smears her face with not one type of colored slurry, but several at once. Not from greed, but because on any face (and even on yours) there is a skin of different types: somewhere (usually on the nose) is more fat, and somewhere – more dry. You can continue to live peacefully with this knowledge, but the girls believe that each of these skin types needs an individual approach. Some even make cards of their faces!

How to use unobtrusively in a conversation: “Rather finish your multimasking, I downloaded a new series of“ Game of thrones ”!”

Wrong: “Our scouts have mastered the art of multimasking to perfection.”


Special lip gloss that increases their size. No, for other parts of the body is not available. The composition of such funds include all sorts of substances that no normal person on themselves will not smear – for example, hot pepper or ginger. They irritate the skin and cause swelling, due to which the lips do increase their volume for a short time.

How to use in a conversation: “You are so perfect, you do not need any rammer!”

Wrong: “Something is swallowing in the washing machine. Probably plumper flew.


A make-up technique that allows girls to paint themselves a completely alien face. With the help of cosmetics, they visually change the shape of the cheekbones, nose, forehead, and what else. In general, if you see an unidentified palette, similar to a children’s set of watercolors, on a dressing table for a girl – get ready to see a complete stranger in the morning.

How to use in a conversation: “Of course, I understand that you need another 15 minutes to contour. But this reason is unlikely to seem respectful to the dispatcher if we are late for our flight to Italy. ”

Wrong: “In recent years, the contouring of the city has changed a lot!”


Another cosmetic product designed to hide from the surrounding all sorts of imperfections. With it, you can disguise a mole, pimple or bruises under the eyes – in general, to create the appearance of beautiful and healthy skin. You yourself are unlikely to recognize it in the female cosmetics bag, so if you need to urgently hide the effects of yesterday’s fun, ask the girl to give it to you.

How to use in conversation: “Honey, when you go to work, leave a concealer and a glass of mineral water on the bedside table. And don’t slam the door! ”

Wrong: “It was such a complicated medical case that a whole concealer of doctors gathered.”


Special fillers that are injected under the skin. Usually with their help, girls hide their wrinkles, but they can also add relief to the cheekbones or to the volume of the lips. After such a procedure, a person may look younger by 5-10 years, so be on the alert.

How to use in conversation: Do not use. Pretend you don’t know about cosmetology by injection.


Women’s jewelry, most reminiscent of a decorative collar. Now for some reason, an extremely fashionable accessory, so the name is worth remembering.

How to use in a conversation: “This choker suits you so much! Especially when you’re naked! ”

Wrong: “We need to buy a new choker for the dog, this one has already completely worn out”.


These are such fashionable slippers that girls now wear everywhere. They can be on the heel or not, with a sharp nose, and in the most terrible cases – even with fur. Remember the rule: the worse they look, the more fashionable!

How unobtrusively to use in conversation: “It seems Rex nibbled on your mules. Well, do not cry, buy you new ones. But better than ordinary shoes. For some reason he does not eat them. ”

Wrong: “Make me mühli with milk for breakfast.


A new kind of bra without stones, cups and other fillings. Unlike traditional analogs, it is accepted to flaunt brackets – if not entirely, then in part, at least. For this, designers add decorative straps, lace and other attributes that adorn feminine charms, but it can be difficult to remove all this beauty from a girl. About how to assemble a cabinet without instructions.

How to use in conversation: “Show me where your bracelet is unbuttoned, and I will show you the sky in diamonds!”

Wrong: “We’ve already given your mom your earrings, now let’s buy her that silver bralet!”

By Cindy
May 6, 2019

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