Between a girl and a friend: how do the rules of communication with a girl differ from the rules of communication with a friend (Continuation)


Girl Need

Women are ideal specialists in the subtleties of relationships, in the nuances of feelings and the construction of models of society. As a result, women love talking about feelings, and men often do not even know how to explain why they are beating against the wall for the third hour and that it saddened them.

Friend Can, but be careful

To reveal the soul to a friend, we mostly prefer drunk. But sober you can talk about what you care. If very worried. But, most likely, both of you will be embarrassed, so that such conversations are better done very, very rarely.


Girl Better not

No, it’s ok. You are adults, civilized, independent people, no one owes anything to anyone, and she will honestly return these five thousand within a specified period. But you will be naive if you take them back. On the other hand, you will save on the ring and wedding expenses in the future. So either give her money without a refund, or discourage poverty and the absence of small things with you.

Friend Need

Who should come to the rescue in a difficult moment, if not a friend? True, if these difficult minutes happen too much, and the return of funds is somehow postponed and delayed, then perhaps you are not lucky.


Girl Need

For a girl, the analysis of your friends is not only an excellent training material for building your own perfectly harmonious life. It is also a way of expressing sympathy and interest to them, even if in this interest reproof and disapproval will sometimes slip. She is concerned about the fate of her friends, so she wants to talk about them.

Friend Gently

Evolutionary men are still members of the martial fraternities – this is a feeling of elbow, trust and loyalty. Therefore, responding with disdain or condemnation about a common friend, you destroy trust and the one with whom you speak.


Girl Well, take a chance

She baked a cake that is similar to the result of the meeting of a female battleship with an asphalt rink? Have you learned a song and sings it, without falling into any notes? Believes in horoscopes and scary GMOs? Before you start making the world in her face better, ask yourself the question: do you really need this girl? If the answer is yes, better keep silent, and the cake with the song is even praise, using the adjectives “original”, “interesting” and “creative”. You will not believe it, but women do not like unsolicited advice and inappropriate criticism (hint: inappropriate criticism is any criticism). And no, she will not be grateful to you for fighting her mistakes. Women do not expect master classes from you, but support and approval, moreover, 24 hours a day.

Friend Can

No matter how many women claim that they do not tolerate lies in relationships, relations between men are, by definition, more honest. Men are usually grateful for clever tips and mistakes – in the gym, at work, or at the math test. If you didn’t know how to listen to the signals of your fellows, the Neanderthals would have turned you into mincemeat.


Girl Can’t

You said you would come in and didn’t even call back? He promised to be at the festival, and he himself extinguished some stupid fires all night? He swore that you were getting married, and now you were lying in a grave and wanted to spit on the cake you ordered? There is no forgiving for you! Dig out and come.

Friend Sometimes you can

By definition, you believe that if a friend did not come, then he could not. You can not even ask, he wants – he will tell. But if a friend does this too often, then let him not be surprised that they did not order a ticket for him and did not take a beer.


Girl Unreal

A month later, daily conversations on Skype will turn into a tedious obligation. For two months, your bodies will forget each other’s smell map. In six months everything will be remembered as in a fog. And, when a new unidentified but cute object emerges from this mist to meet one another, there will be little chance of remaining faithful.

Friend Can

An old friend, whom I have not seen for many years, according to the Code of Male Friendship without questioning, should provide you with shelter, dinner and an inflatable boat when you fall on his head in the night. If it is, of course, a friend, and not just an acquaintance.


Girl Can

You are so close and open to each other that you can afford the heat of passion that is impossible in any other way. There are couples who regularly break up home sets into two dozen people and curse each other with words from which all the demons of hell turn green and plug their ears with their tails, but nevertheless these soul-to-soul couples live. Still, because they have at their disposal such a luxurious way of solving problems, like violent conciliatory sex. For him, sometimes all this happens.

Friend No need

If the jokes are gone aside and you say unpleasant and offensive things to each other with serious faces, then it may very well be that your friendly feelings are dying somewhere near on the floor in terrible convulsions. The most serious reproaches need to be clothed in the correct form. Not serious can be left without it.


Girl Can

Do not buy her the exact same floor lamp instead of the one that you accidentally broke, depicting a stripper at a bachelorette party. Firstly, it will not be exactly the same, but in a stupid strip; secondly, your hot request for forgiveness will be enough. And you can roll up the tape. If a girl notices that you meticulously reimburse any damage caused to her, she will most likely be confused by such an accounting approach to your relationship. (If you give her a Ferrari instead of a floor lamp, she will appreciate it.)

Friend can’t

If you broke his car, then repair it. If you drank his beer, then bring a new one. If you burned his wallet and crushed his vinyl records, then look for and find the same or compensate for the damage with money. If both parties comply with this rule, friendship will flow more easily.

By Cindy
May 5, 2019

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