20 signs that a girl is cheating on you – according to a private detective

Sometimes it gives out not only the phrase “I am cheating on you,” but also these 20 signs.

The man and the society that gave birth to him is imperfect, so we will not waste time on telling that cheating is bad. Yes, this is not the ideal scenario for the development of relations. But adultery happens all the time. And the partner of the one who cheats, reacts differently to adultery.

Someone notices nothing at all. Someone notices, but prefers to pretend that does not notice. Someone guesses, but would prefer to know for sure.

If you belong to the latest enthusiasts, then the book of a private detective, owner of the California agency of investigating Thomas Martin “Life through the eyes of others” is for you. More precisely, that part of the book, which concerns treason. The fact is that for forty years of work as a detective, Martin has seen literally everything. And he certainly saw thousands and thousands of adulteries. (In general, spying on cheating spouses is one of the main sources of private detectives’ profits.)

So, Martin authoritatively declares that the signs of treason are always more or less the same, and they can be listed on the toes and hands (if, of course, the set of fingers is full). At the same time, Martin emphasizes that there is no need to worry when two or three signs are detected. But if you notice that there are already four signs in your personal life … Well, you can reassure yourself that at least you carry the banner of honesty and do not cheat.

So, 20 signs that a girl is cheating, according to private detective Thomas Martin

1. She has changed her habits in everyday life.

2. She leaves home early, and comes back later.

3. Frequent business trips.

4. The girl tries to avoid family activities.

5. Constantly delayed at work.

6. Mysterious spendings.

7. Hidden checks.

8. She began to take more care of her appearance.

9. Secret accounts in social networks.

10. You smell a strange smell on her things.

11. Find gifts of unknown origin …

12. … as well as mysterious objects – for example, condoms in the car.

13. The girl suddenly started going to the fitness club.

14. On her phone, missed calls from unknown numbers …

15. … and coded or secret messages.

16. The amount of sex has decreased dramatically (at least for you).

17. She answers questions evasively, seeks the first to accuse you of something.

18. Tells an obvious lie.

19. Often snarls.

20. Hates when you make her surprises – for example, you come back from a business trip earlier.

As you can see, individually, these signs do not make a sinister impression (unless the unknown condoms in the car are alarming). But as soon as they come together, it becomes especially disturbing at heart. Martin stressed that the most indicative of these signs are numbers 3, 5, 16, 17. That is, frequent business trips, delays at work, a decrease in the amount of sex and her desire to blame you for something first. And, finally, her phrase “I am cheating on you,” may also mean something.

By Cindy
May 3, 2019

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