The girl went on 100 dates for the year and here are three tips that she wants to give you

And this is not advice “be polite” and “do not tell about the ex.” Everything is much more interesting.

In my numerous materials on first dates, I repeatedly stressed the importance of these meetings for the further development of relations.

But it also happens that life consists entirely of first dates.

As, for example, in the case of a student at the University of California at Berkeley, Emily Lows, who in a year went on a 101 date with 52 different men.

Such activity was not due to the abundance of free time, but just the opposite – the desire to approach dating from a scientific, and more specifically, a sociological point of view.

Emily claims that she succeeded: she not only identified the most successful behaviors at first dates, but also began to lead master classes on improving the quality of dates.

In addition, Emily gave three original and important advices to those who are going to go on a first date. I recommend that you take these tips seriously: they are practical.

1. Talk to someone in advance

Suppose you are not one of those who are telling a stranger straight away, no matter how beautiful she is, the heroic story of how in the eighth grade you became a winner of a school Olympiad in artistic algebra. Suppose you are a closed person and do not like to waste your vocabulary in vain. Since the silence and monosyllabic answers did not benefit any date, Emily recommends that before meeting with the girl you should force yourself to talk to a stranger. Seller in a store or barista in a cafe. Such stress will lead you into a state of extraordinary and such talkativeness you need right now.

2. Replace the classic date with joint physical activity.

Emily assures that of the 101 dates, she remembered most of all those who assumed a bright joint pastime, and not sleepy gatherings in a cafe and restaurant. In addition, a joint parachute jump or a salsa make it possible to drastically reduce the physical distance without being a pervert.

3. Avoid sarcasm

For some reason, some believe that sarcasm is a sign of the mind. We hope you don’t belong to some of them. If sarcasm should be present in a person’s life, then in minimal quantities and on special occasions. Therefore, if a girl comes to a meeting in a strange hat, do not say: “What an interesting hat! Borrowed from a miner?”. Better keep silent, and then write the girl in the phone as “Leslie Hat”.

By Cindy
May 1, 2019

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