How to meet a girl during the jogging

Use five simple tips, if, of course, you manage to catch up with her …

1. Of all the jogging spots, it’s best to meet in stadiums.

Often girls choose them because there, unlike forest paths, it’s not scary to meet a stranger. The road is clearly visible, which means that the girl is calm, relaxed and does not pose you as a threat. Another plus of the stadium: she obviously lives in a five-minute walk from it and after meeting you can immediately take her home.

2. If meeting happens in a park, the direction of your run is important.

Imagine: a tramp and heavy breathing is heard behind you, and only bushes are around you and not a single living soul! No one wants to meet after this. Run towards the chosen girl. Smile.  In a few days (you should not attack at the first meeting) you will establish yourself in her mind as a nice and safe guy. And then cut and pull!

3. The best time to meet – the start of jogging

Within a few minutes, you are sweating with hail, your face is red, and you’ve got something strange on your head. As such, I won’t get to a man closer than ten meters. In addition, if you try to start a conversation after ten minutes of running, you will see that you cannot say anything but “uh” and “ufff.” Not the best set of words for dating.

4. Pay attention to her shoes.

If the girl has professional running sneakers, most likely, she is set up for serious training. If her shoes are in casual style, on the contrary, says that she will not develop the Olympic speed, which will give you the opportunity to accompany her, unobtrusively breathing in the back of the head.

5. Many girls listen to music through headphones while running.

Go to the non-verbal level of communication. One day, the guy who often met my friend while jogging, appeared with a handwritten sign – like the ones used in hitchhiking. So they met. If you write with mistakes, use the old trick – find yourself “accidentally” on her way with an injured leg. In general, do everything that she began to listen to you, not Mozart and Taylor Swift. You may have to sweat, but it’s worth it: because at the same time, you not only lose those extra pounds, but you also get some extra phone numbers.

By Cindy
April 30, 2019

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