Pickup on the sidelines. What to do with the girl, if she catches the car, and you drive past

You are attractive. She’s damn attractive. You are driving in a car. She is late for courses of modern housewives and therefore stands on the side of the road, invitingly waving her handbag. If you do everything right, life will not be lived in vain. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

It’s hard for you even to imagine how many nightmares a single maiden head produces. But now, when the difficult one forced the poor thing to come to the side of the road and raise a hand trembling with horror, her main nightmare is you. The driver deftly braked the car. By the way, you can kill her. And also take away a handbag, honor, conscience.

If you manage to win at least half of these fears, consider that you are already her best friend.


You smoke, but she does not. She smokes and you have just given up. In addition, from the sweet smells of her migraine, and from fresh – itching. In a word, you never guess what she likes and what doesn’t. The most neutral, masculine and relevant fragrance in the cabin is the scent of a new car. And in order to recreate it, it is enough to buy an aerosol can of the same name in the shop.


A rare girl is able to appreciate the depth of creativity of the rap group. And if you don’t want to travel around the city alone, make sure that music adapted to your delicate female ears is playing in your car. Best of all if this is something like Justin Bieber.

A toy

Girls are not indifferent to everything small, soft and fluffy. It is enough to throw a plush toy with a sweet face on the front seat and at the right moment to deftly pull it out under the girl with the words: “Sorry, drove my nephew yesterday and he forgot his favorite hare.” While the girl under the strong pressure of protective instinct will squeeze the poor foam rubber monster, you can casually complain that the five-year-old boy has absolutely nowhere to bring the city, and you have already been to the zoo three times. In response, you will receive a flurry of unnecessary information about playgrounds and children’s matinees and a blue-eyed smile, full of tender trust and nascent love. “He loves other people’s children! So it will definitely change your diapers!”.


On the one hand, a man should be restrained, like a disabled turnstile. On the other – you cannot be silent all the way: then the girl will definitely decide that you are up to something bad. Unfortunately, you already asked her three times whether the music was playing too loudly, and twice said that your nephew’s name is Byron. Another approach to the same projectile decent girl probably seem dirty hint.

Therefore, be ready to make a fellow traveler a small thematic tour. If cultural luggage and the surrounding landscape allow it. But since the girl is still a little afraid, tell her something about yourself. Show her the maternity hospital in which he was born (everything related to childbirth, causes bouts of uncontrollable emotion in girls), his kindergarten or film, where he spent his school years. As you know, maniacs have no childhood and they don’t go to the movies either, so the girl will surely be satisfied. The only condition is: you should not deviate from the main route. Even a very romantic-minded young lady will suspect something amiss.

Final chord

Everything. She arrived. If you did everything right, then the romantic music, the pink hare with a torn ear and views of the kindergarten made you almost family people. Nevertheless, the girl will now say: “Thank you, goodbye!” – and only you saw her!

In such a situation, start asking about the phone number and “maybe we’ll see you again” means to hopelessly spoil the dish, which is almost ready to eat. Better give the girl a business card with all the phones and tell her that if she needs to visit her grandmother again (take three hundred kilogram bags to the house, be late to the institute, admire your first school), then you will always be happy to help. Be sure: she did not expect this from you. And therefore will certainly call. Days after seven. Because a week is the minimum period that a girl needs in order to be convinced of her own decency and at the same time maximize her curiosity. And do not call back – you can always bring another.

By Cindy
April 29, 2019

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