How to stop a tantrum

Sometimes women act as if bitten by a hyena. But this is not always just bad manners: some suffer very real hysteria. Today I will try to teach you how to calm a poor woman.

Find Differences

The real tantrum from the manipulation is very easy to distinguish. If a lady depicts an affect in order to get a new pink convertible from you, the promise to fulfill your wish immediately stops the outburst of emotions. With this hysteria, there are no exact requirements or they are global and unclear. And after the attack, the woman is in depression and depression.


If there is a strong suspicion of manipulation, ignoring is the best way. Jumping around the girl’s rolled eyes and fulfilling all her demands, you reinforce immoral behavior. After all, it helps to achieve the goal – who would refuse to continue?

Do not ignore

To deny attention in case of a real hysteria is to ensure its repetition. Tantrum is a sign of long exertion, fear, and insecurity. Therefore, it is necessary to be close to the policy with persistence: “Everything will be fine.” Other arguments – for later, in a fit, a person perceives only simple phrases.


If a woman screams at children, throws objects and generally behaves dangerously, you can splash water on her face, pinch or mirror her, repeating her facial expressions and yelling. The tantrum seems uncontrollable, but the real affect does not occur here, and the flow of emotions can easily be brought down by something unexpected.


Real hysteria is a disease, a neurosis. The consequence of wrong education, organic ailments or all together. We must go to the doctor. While you bring the lady to this thought, find out what she fears in your relationship and in herself. Having dispelled a part of fears, you will not cure hysteria, but at least you will eliminate obvious triggers of attacks.

By Cindy
April 28, 2019

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