5 movies that you absolutely cannot watch with your girlfriend

And with someone else, perhaps, too.

Relationships are a fragile substance, glued together from hundreds of compromises and thousands of concessions. Sometimes you have to smile when you do not want to smile, and to be silent when you want to swear loudly with alternative decent words. Experienced couples are fluent in this art. They also know that it is better not to ask provocative questions like: “Do your mother have to stay for half a year?”, “Are you sure that this dress is not enough for you?”.

In addition, not obvious, but the very real danger to the relationship lies even in the films that you watch together. After all, anyone who has at least a tiny stock of imagination can project the plot from the screen onto their own relationships. And then do not avoid harmful issues and provocative associations.

Therefore, I have prepared for you a list of five films that you absolutely cannot watch with your girlfriend. It’s better to review the Nürnberg Process five times.

“Scenes from married life”, Ingmar Bergman, 1973

If you and your girlfriend are suddenly drawn to watch a 3-hour epic about relationships, most of which are only two actors on the screen, you don’t need to. After all, the “Scenes of married life” debunk not only the myth of marriage, but also the myth of adultery, and the myth of divorce. If you once had a fantasy that in which case you can throw a parachute and get away from your annoying wife to another, young and fascinating woman, after watching you part with this fantasy. And your girlfriend, on the contrary, will suspect you of this fantasy.

“Autumn Marathon”, George Danelia, 1979

One of the best films of Danelia, so funny and sad at the same time that you do not understand what to do, be happy or upset – a real psychological dissonance. But it is better to watch it alone. Not with my wife. And certainly not with his mistress. Especially if one of them has long suspected something, and the second still believes promises. You risk two hours after the credits lose either one or the other. (That the main character did not succeed.)

“Road of Change”, Sam Mendez, 2009

Depressive screen version of the hopeless novel of Richard Yates with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starring. And, honestly, the end of their relationship in the Titanic and then more fun. After watching this film, both wife and husband will want to leave home immediately in the company of only a toothbrush. In general, the film does not contribute to strengthening the family.

“Unfaithful”, Adrian Line, 2002

The story that even Richard Gere as a husband is not a panacea for adultery. And to look at how a deceived spouse wraps the dead body of his wife’s lover in a carpet and takes him to a city dump, and it’s wild at all. Because even if Richard Gee was changed, then what are the chances of any of you ?!

“Good girl”, Miguel Arteta, 2002

Do not be fooled by the frivolous name and face of Jennifer Aniston on the poster – this is not a romantic comedy, but a horror film. To begin with, the character Jennifer is cheating on her husband with a pale colleague. Then he convinces her husband, who has learned that he is barren, that doctors are idiots, and his child. Yes, and a colleague rents a policeman. In general, it is not surprising that after the release of this film, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced. You do not want to repeat their path? (Especially since no one guarantees Angelina Jolie.)

By Cindy
April 26, 2019

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