Why women like men with beards

Women like bearded men not only because it is stylish, but for good reasons of animal origin.

Beard – a symbol of maturity

In the female subconscious, when meeting a bearded man, the stereotype is triggered that the vegetation on the male face is a sign of solid age, and at the same time reliability. Unconsciously, most women want to feel a mature and reliable person next to them, even if they themselves vehemently deny it.

Beard gives masculinity

Compared with their companions without a beard, bearded men look more courageous. A woman feels protected next to such a man. As acknowledged by the representatives of the fair sex, a man with dense facial hair is associated with primitive force, wildness, which at the same time frightens and attracts.

Bearing care = woman care

Surprisingly, but a fact: many women believe that if a man conscientiously cares for his beard, then with the same trepidation and responsibility he will take care of his woman. This is a rational grain, because the full care of the beard requires the same thing that many girls dream of – daily attention.

Bearded men – the best in the art of kissing

The second half of bearded men argue that kisses with a bearded man are much brighter than with clean-shaven ones. In general, this is easily explained: the touch of bristles on delicate female skin is an additional irritant – in the best sense of the word.

A beard is an indicator of a man’s good health.

Women subconsciously prefer bearded men, as a beard is one of the signs of good health. A healthy man is a guarantee of healthy offspring. Indeed, if a man can grow a thick beard, then his hormonal state is normal.

The man with a beard is a great father

Among the female community there is a perception that there are no more empathetic and caring fathers than men who wear a beard. This opinion has the same background as in the case of maturity: in the woman’s subconscious mind, the centuries-old knowledge that the hair on a man’s face is a sign of his sexual maturity, readiness to create a family and fatherhood works.

So, if you need an extra plus sign to enjoy success with women, go and grow a beard!

By Cindy
April 25, 2019

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