Women’s solution: their true sympathies and antipathies


Walk in old sweatshirts and coats at home when they are alone

But you, of course, continue to believe that they will then put on garters, lace peignoirs and sexy lingerie.

Abusive jokes

Not on the first date, of course. And, of course, only really funny.


A lot of food. And to eat with your hands from the plate that which is supposed to be consumed with the help of a fricassee fork. But only in proud retreat.


Tears give excellent emotional relief, after which there is a surge of strength and cheerfulness. But it is better to cry over the events in the cinema than in your life.

Sniff your t-shirts after the gym

They really do it sometimes! And not only to make sure that it is necessary to throw this abomination into the laundry basket, but also to feel a surge of sympathy towards you, confirming for yourself that it is too early to send you to the basket.

Solve disputes not with words, but with fists

She is exactly the same as you, sometimes you want to call someone with your feet. From the heart and with appetite. Just usually girls hide it better.


Other people’s children

9 out of 10 complaints about the noisy behavior of children in airplanes, hotels, restaurants, etc. served by women. In addition, it is much more difficult for a woman to accept a husband’s child into her family than for a man to accept wife’s child.

Beautiful female body

Lesbians, of course, look at it differently, but in general, women, whatever they may say about high eroticism, are quite indifferent to other people’s breasts and waists. This can be clearly seen from the comments on erotic images in social networks: men’s comments on pictures of naked girls lead by a huge margin, and half of the commentators with female nicknames act in the style of “charming girl, it’s a pity that the legs are so crooked”.

Wild nature

Mosquitoes, ants and thorns are found in the wild, it is inconvenient to walk on it, and wood, moles and leaves are stuffed into its hair. However, if after nature (short-lived) you can return to your hotel (five-star) and plunge into the jacuzzi, nature also has a right to exist. But words like “tent”, “pot” and “survival practice” make ladies sad.


Women get much less endorphins from the energetic load of muscles, so the bouts of happiness and contentment in the gym are practically unknown to them. They come there to suffer and conquer themselves. And for the happiness and satisfaction they go to the spa. In extreme cases, on yoga.


Of course, a lie destroys a relationship. But slowly. Much sooner they will destroy your recognition of having sex with his ex at the beginning of the current relationship. Or – what do you really think about how this dress goes to her and how wonderful she has lost weight. Too truthful men do not live long.

When you give her only flowers

Flowers are not a gift. This is a nice addition to the gift. A lonely bouquet for a birthday or March 8 will delight her.

Sensitive, empathetic, vulnerable men who do not hide their emotions

Do you think it feels awkward when a woman cries? Men’s hysterics with sobs make us even more frightened. That is, she, of course, will figure out to pour you green tea and give ice cream, but no, too often she is not ready to endure such things, for that she has a friend. And from you, she still expects greater balance.

By Cindy
April 24, 2019

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