Women’s solution: the real fears of women and their true sympathies

In the world, and so much incomprehensible! Gluons, black holes, where cockroaches come from and where do pair of socks go …

There are also more than three billion riddles roaming back and forth, with whom you inevitably have to deal with and even sometimes marry them. Put an end to the hoaxes – let’s deal with the most terrible, shameful and carefully hidden female secrets!


That she will be a bad mother

Women take children very seriously. For a woman, these are not just cute thing that you need to buy a bike and teach them to kick a ball — this is a project of her life. Infinite responsibility. A woman feels that any action, even the most trivial, can have a decisive influence on the fate of her offspring. One mistake, one wrong candy – and instead of a Nobel laureate or Olympic champion, the child will become an alcoholic in a wheelchair. And he will spend his entire pension on the psychotherapist! Yes, he never learns Chinese, he does not learn to eat broccoli, and his tummy will hurt!

That she will cease to be beautiful

Imagine a general who was demoted and sent to sweep the parade ground in front of his former subordinates. That’s about so comfortable and confident feel beautiful women who were beautiful women from the cradle, who all the way told about their eyes, curls, legs and everything else and who knew that any man, by definition, their friend, slave and goldfish. And then – once! and that’s it … One fine day, the carriage will finally turn into a pumpkin. And any girl knows that. And waiting. With horror.

That she will turn into her mother

Even if her mom is Angelina Jolie, she doesn’t want to be her. Because since childhood she looked at her mother and saw all mother’s punctures, mistakes and stupidity. She may love her dearly, but no, she wants to be different. Much better, more interesting, happier. And, noticing with age in herself mother’s habits, mother’s intonation and, oh God, mother’s taste for men, the girl goes into a panic.

What are you going to a woman who is younger

This fear is hidden deep into the most distant mezzanines, but it is always there. It prevents women from truly treating us with confidence. She looks at you and sees how you go through life hand in hand, how you raise wonderful children in love and care, how you are in perfect physical and emotional closeness. You are friends, associates and the dearest to each other people in the world. And then you suddenly leave for a twenty-year-old waitress, because she has a fresh face and various elastic things under her blouse. And she remains alone, having spent her youth, life and strength on such a nothingness. You better die.


Home plants

A man is a hunter, a woman is a collector and a gardener. Therefore, spinning gathers dust behind the cupboard, and Maihueniopsis ovata dries on the windowsill.

Pink color

Women feel shades of pink better and find it attractive because once the survival of her children depended on the ability of women to see ripening fruits from afar.

Little pretty boxes

Because she can put different pretty little things in them. Caches even make jays, burying nuts in secluded places and marking their treasures with blade of grass.


Because it is the only item of their wardrobe, which they can admire with a good view, constantly and without any mirrors.

Hairpins, elastic bands, hairpins, tiaras and other nonsense for hair

Of course, these are all substitutes for the crown. She is a princess.


Because it is the easiest, inexpensive and reliable way to feel like a well-groomed woman.

Foam in the bath

Women themselves know that this foam does not wash anything. But thanks to sensitive skin, they experience a real pleasure from contact with this very thin lace.

To be continued

By Cindy
April 23, 2019

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