Friendship with a woman? Not only pleasant, but also possible!

And I can give you many reasons!

1. You do not need to share with her the most expensive thing you have – girls. And if she takes the young lady away from you, then only to the toilet – to powder noses and chat about how stunning you are.

2. It is very easy to do friendly duty with her. The lights in her house are off, the wheel on the bike is lowered, and a terribly gurgling thing settled in the pipe in the kitchen … A pair of screwdrivers and a piece of adhesive plaster – and now you already have every right to feel like a noble and immaculate friend.

3. And in return, she will buy sexy lingerie for your girlfriend and give advice on how to communicate with her. And, unlike the friendly male recommendations, the advice of a female friend can be followed without the risk of becoming an interesting and completely lonely bachelor again.

4. In general, she is your resident in the enemy’s rear, a personal informant who will allow you to become familiar with many of the secrets and strategies of the world of women. You can have sex with many women, but in order to learn how to actually understand them, you need to be friends with them.

5. She can regularly tell long and terribly sad stories about how the forces of evil turned against your personality shaking from existential horror. And she will not clap you on the shoulder with the words: “Relax, buddy! All a bunch! ” On the contrary, she will long, sympathetic and with great pleasure listen about how unhappy you are. And when you finish, ask to repeat again.

6. Having an official female friend will always help explain a lot of mysterious things: long hair on the car seat, a lady’s voice in the phone, the smell of perfume on your head and lipstick on the collar.

7. And still, you will always treat her a little condescendingly and forgive that which you could not forgive a man.

8. If she came to a party with a companion in a mini-skirt, you do not need to tactfully ask her for permission to open the hunting season. All of her friends are a priori completely at your disposal, because the rule of “girl’s friends are inviolable” here, you know, does not work.

9. Your friendship is completely devoid of elements of rivalry, you will never, behind the scenes, but fiercely show off in front of each other with telephones, cars, deep knowledge of Chinese and the number of mulatto women.

10. And even if life turns so that you will have a big difference in income and social status with it, it will not be detrimental to friendship. Women are generally less sensitive to social status.

11. She will always say what she does not like about you. Suppose that sometimes it is slightly annoying, but in general this moment can be considered positive, as there will be no silent mutual accumulation of errors, which ultimately lead to the fact that the powerful friendship building cracks quietly and settles into dust. In addition, it is she who always honestly says that the hair in your nose is urgently time to pull out.

12. If after an accident you go to the hospital, a female friend will come there to bring all sorts of goodies, necessary medications and talk with your doctor about what kind of care you need. Not to nurses and make fun of what a loser you look like without teeth and in a cast.

13. Purely statistically, the risk that you will have to give up everything and rush to take a friend out of the binge is much lower if this friend is female.

14. In friendship with a woman, there are far fewer rules, unwritten laws, taboo topics for discussion, and all the other difficulties on which the Code of Male Friendship is based. With her, you behave generally freer and more natural.

15. In conversations with her it is easy and pleasant to feel like a computer guru, a car genius and an expert in military technology. Man, you would never have been able to so delight with his fantastic ability to find a USB-connector on the system unit.

16. When she is guilty before you or wrong – she will ask for forgiveness, and will not pretend as if nothing has happened. And she asks for forgiveness with pleasure, loudly and looking into the eyes, but does not grumble: “Well, sorry, buddy,” intently examining a certain point in the space behind your shoulder.

17. When meeting with her, it is not necessary to reflect on how to greet more appropriately. Instead of all these complex gestures with nods, pats and “High five!” You just kiss her on the cheek. And everyone is happy.

18. The food that can be found in her fridge is a normal, edible food, completely dissimilar to the results of the pathologist’s complex experiments.

19. She will flatter your vanity much more often, telling you that you are better, smarter, stronger than the others. Women consider it their duty to tell friends nice things and are not afraid to seem strange and sentimental.

20. If you think that her new hobby is something stupid with the appearance of a mollusk and the manners of a scavenging rat, you have every right to inform her of this regrettable fact.


• Football, fishing and beer. No, there are women who also love some things from this list, but that all at once – this in nature almost never occurs.

• It is not possible to discuss with her normally the sexual attractiveness of women – not very familiar. She does it without enthusiasm, insincerely and all the time for some reason reports that beauty is not the main thing.

• Deep down, your girlfriend still suspects that you have something with “this”. Or it was. Or, worst of all, CAN BE.

• A friendly tease is almost ruled out. That is a little bit possible, but in such doses, it is better to refuse it altogether. Also, it is impossible to throw it with a dirty shoe as a joke: it will not be appreciated.

• You will not go with her to make secular acquaintances with intelligent ladies. In this sport, she will not be able and will not want to play as a team.

By Cindy
April 22, 2019

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