10 types of men that women hate(Continuation)


Beautiful, strong and rich men are also sometimes rude to women. But the absolute leaders in this area are the inconspicuous, little to what suitable guys with muscle-pasta and the amount of money tending to zero. For them, all women are fools, females and schemers. And, of course, everything is not good enough for him.

I want to take this by the ears and say: “Honey, do not think that this makes you more interesting. On the contrary, the more you show disdain for women, the more willingly they will continue to avoid you. Well, yes, nature did not endow you with beautiful face and talents, but if you were cheerful, friendly and did not show the beauties around, how disgusting you are, but, on the contrary, you would sincerely admire them, then one fine moment you would find one of them under your blanket. And so – no chance.


We can forgive a man for the lack of muscles, money and blue eyes. But what we do not forgive is the lack of brains. Although we can build illusions and inspire ourselves that he is just so silent, mysterious, thinking outside the box …

Illusions crumble to dust when he starts talking and talking a lot. There you can’t stick your head in the sand, you have to listen and make a verdict: “Mom! What a nightmare! ”Although it would seem, how simple: if there is a suspicion that the girl is smarter and more educated, it is better to be silent or speak only about what you know well. Do not tell her about the plans of Dulles, the memory of water and the wise men of Zion. Well, it is worth checking text messages that you send to her.


Young women have an extremely thin olfactory apparatus. Therefore, we run home in such horror when a man with smell from his mouth tries to kiss us, hug a man with fragrant armpits or invite an individual in old favorite training sneakers. For people with a less sensitive nose, it is probably difficult to understand how much physical suffering can really deliver an unpleasant smell.

Of course, there are diseases in which it is almost impossible to destroy some odors, and there are girls who lack sense of smell because, for example, of frequent children’s sore throats. Meeting such a couple is a happy unique event. I recommend to healthy men, who often have unsuccessful dates, before you go to psychologists and enroll in the “Learning to Understand Women” courses, ask your friends about how you smell. Perhaps among them there is an honest man. The further plan of action is simple: we throw out old shoes, we wash and change clothes every day, we visit a dentist.


Perhaps we teach our little sons that fighting is not good, the boys are not ashamed to be afraid and cry, and if a scoundrel has attacked the girl, be a good boy, get away and call the police. But if we are talking about our relationship with an adult man, then the demonstrative manifestation of cowardice, to put it mildly, discourages us. And if to speak lightly, then the crystal lock of our plans for you is shattered.

Of course, some kind of male fears can touch us: we can laugh happily, watching our beloved run around the cafe from a wasp or squint in horror, going to the observation deck of the bell tower. But even such mild manifestations of harmless phobias will make us respect you a little less.


If you can not wait to share with the whole world a detailed story about what tigress you tamed yesterday, how she arched her back, clawed you and twisted her tail – be aware in advance that all potential tigresses from your audience will evaporate now.

The girls themselves can tell each other such details of your sex that an experienced sex therapist will turn red, but they expect silence and respect for intimacy from you. That is, such topics are desirable to discuss in a strictly masculine or purely friendly circle. And certainly you don’t need to tag them in your social networks.

By Cindy
April 21, 2019

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