10 types of men that women hate

This is not a hit parade, all these types are equally nightmarish, and it is impossible to choose which one is worse.

Women are good and loving creatures. Therefore, every man on this planet has a chance of feeling a reciprocal feeling, even the owner of Freddy Krueger’s charisma and Spongebob’s appearance. Still, some men are very, very hard to please even the most undemanding girl, because some types of men are 99.99 percent deeply physiologically disgusted. Here are ten absolutely terrible.


They often ride the subway. Or sit in a guard booth at the checkpoint. However, sometimes they are found in large companies. If their eyes fall on the face, then the maximum lingers on the lips, and then playful little eyes crawl below … Guys, I do not know how to explain it or how it happens, but some men can literally rape with a look. You feel like a ham on the counter, a glassy look creeps back and forth across the chest, across the belly, across the thighs … Sometimes they still do it with their lips, like a cherry bone is spit out now.

You want to take a shower immediately. You start to find a certain meaning in a burqa. And a plasma gun. No, this is not an admiring male look. A delighted male look is a compliment, it is energy, it is joy, it is sometimes inappropriate, but always pleasant. A man who admires a woman, becomes beautiful. And here before you sits a gloomy goblin and methodically eats your body with dim eyes. How we hate it!


He will never heat up from your glass. He will remind you five times that in no case will you take his toothbrush. He is horrified to say that a couple of your indecent hairs have remained on the walls of his remarkably clean bath, and he asks you to stop this immediately.

He takes your things with two fingers – not even the laundry, but a dress – and still frowns as if he touches a dead toad. If you show him a pack of tampons, he will probably die on the spot in disgust.

All this does not start at all. We often blame men for being svintusy, but excessive cleanliness and fastidiousness in men are extremely unpleasant. Especially if this disgust extends to us.


When he laughs, he tries to show his teeth, if they are good. He has favorite facial expressions that he thinks are right for him, and he regularly shows them, especially when he is being photographed.

And he is often photographed, including embracing with me, if he thinks that I am an acceptable element of decor. He would rather strangle than put on jeans of an outdated model. He understands fashion, labels, food and perfume. Hangs up in the gym, regularly posting his achievements in the Instagram. Ensures that I eat only the salad, so that I could get on his Instagram and further. He does not understand why old, bald and fat people are still not shot.

I can meet him if I need invitations to parties (he knows how to get them) or nothing to do. But I do not put him in a penny. As, however, and he me.


Communicating with the girl, he will touch her. Holding the arm, crawl fingers across the chest. Sitting in the car, touch the buttocks. And all as if by chance, but constantly. Talking, he will get too close. If he is sitting next to, he will press against the thigh. He loves to hug and kiss when meeting women, and in his case it is not a simple formality: he will press himself tightly, so my bust will flatten out on his jacket, and his lips will tightly press against my skin.

He also loves to fight with women – as if for fun. Friendly clap in all places. I have long been accustomed in such cases to loudly express discontent, but most girls are silent. Not because they like it, no. Sticky can not please anyone, all women hate them in unison. But suddenly this one and right now is not special? It just happened? And if you do not focus on this, then you can pretend that there was nothing like that?


There are feminists who consider men to suppress women with gifts and paying bills in a restaurant. There are strong and wealthy women who always prefer to pay for themselves and can easily pay for you, because they are so comfortable. But even such women will notice anyway, if a man is a miser and a piper, and mentally put a cross on him.

It’s one thing when you don’t have money, and another thing when you have it, but it’s painful to spend them on chocolate for us. Evolution makes us see a stigma on the forehead of greedy men: “Unsuitable for reproduction.” It just so happens that in our species the male should at least pretend that he is ready for some sacrifices in the name of mating and breeding offspring, that he is interested in us and ready to take care of us.

To be continued!

By Cindy
April 20, 2019

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