7 rules of communication with a woman older than you

What to do if the woman was older than you expected.

If you saw a woman decently older than yourself somewhere (it doesn’t matter, you are twenty, and she is thirty or you are thirty, and she is forty), and found her beautiful, smart and attractive, and felt ready to love her, take care of her and spend life in her society – quickly turn around and leave from there!

So everyone will be calmer. Although, of course, not so interesting.

If you still did not leave, then at least observe 7 rules of communication with a woman who is older than you.

1. Do not try to seem older than you are. You didn’t attract her with your maturity, so you don’t need to pretend that you are older than this Universe. Behave naturally.

2. But do not seem to be a youngster, constantly telling her that she is older, wiser and in general has much more experience. Believe me, she won’t like it. Even from very young men, we expect them to be men, and not small helpless crumbs, which need to be driven through the life of the handle, periodically applying to the chest.

3. Say more compliments of her appearance. These young girls are afraid that men see only a beautiful body in them and are not interested in their deep soul and powerful intellect. And adult ladies no longer want to be loved only for their brains and everyday experience – this is somehow not very flattering. But they gratefully accept enthusiasm about what their beautiful eyes, bust and legs.

4. Before inviting her to a disco, go roller-skating or jump on the couch, soberly evaluate her physical abilities. At thirty and even at forty a woman may look supernaturally fresh, but it’s not yet the fact that she will be able to hold out for four hours, dancing under the DJ’s compositions in the smoked club. And it is difficult for her to admit that.

5. Do not try to acquaint her with your company. If you choose a society for joint parties, then let it be her friends. She will feel quite comfortable with them, and she will even get the idea that she is considered to be a seducer of minors. Among your peers, she will be much more uncomfortable.

6. Let her guide you in bed. She herself knows exactly what she wants, and under her conducting you will achieve harmony much faster. Yes, and you, quite likely, will learn something new.

7. If your easy relationship suddenly began to grow into something more serious, be prepared for the fact that she will seem colder, more detached and indifferent to you than younger girls. With age, feelings begin to be treated more carefully, and words are much more cautious, because both of them suddenly begin to possess very great power.

By Cindy
April 17, 2019

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