The more similar correspondence style you have with a girl the, the better your chances for a bright future

A study that will force you to look at your correspondence with girls with new eyes.

Researchers have once again decided to facilitate our personal life with the help of science.

The study was aimed at identifying the link between the style of writing messages, without which modern communication cannot exist, and the level of happiness in the couple.

The study involved 205 americans in the age of 18 to 29 years. Each of them got a hefty pile of personality tests that helped scientists not only learn the character, habits and level of happiness in the relationships of the respondents, but also their manner of writing messages.

Under the ‘manner of correspondence’ or ‘manner of writing messages’ refers to factors such as the frequency of correspondence, the urge to it and, of course, style.

It quickly became clear that those respondents who considered themselves happy in a relationship were characterized by the same type of correspondence as their partners.

In other words, if you like to write a girl once every half hour for no reason, just to share a hilarious sticker, and she prefers to write only on business and every two years, then you are unlikely to have a happy future together.

Special attention should be paid to the style of correspondence. Thus, the lack of literacy in the messages of one of the partners can shake the confidence of the second, that this is the one with whom he should hold hands in the cinema – of course, if the second partner is also a supporter of a competent letter. Well, if you both write with errors, everything will be fine with you.

By Cindy
April 16, 2019

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