How to break out of a friendzone: 5 tricky tricks

Even the best of men fell into a ridiculous situation. Communication with the girl seemed to go successfully, but months passed, and the disappointed gentlemen realized that the maximum that they were allowed to do was to take the lady to the house or hold her hand. Although initially acquaintance, frankly, had other goals. The girl does not consider this relationship a friendship, and her answer to direct questions about the reasons for such behavior is “not now”. This is the frendzone.

What is a frendzone?

“Unlike true friendship, this situation implies an uneven exchange of emotions. Moreover, the distribution of roles in it suits only one participant. In our case, the girl.

Why is she doing this to you?

A girl can have a great variety of reasons. Here are the most popular.

– She wants to have a backup option in case the hero of her romantic dreams never shows up.

– From a guy she can always get advice, combining both frankness and a view from the opposite sex.

– She has a boyfriend, but with her shortcomings. A “friend” is needed by a girl so that she would forget about them even for a while.

– And finally, it is important material benefits.

How to determine that you are in a friend zone?

▬ Listen

There is a set of statements-markers, the frequent use of which suggests that the girl perceives a man as a friend. For example: “Communication with you helps me so much”, “You are like a brother to me”, “I wish I had a guy like you”.

▬ Analyze

Girls in the early stages of a relationship are unlikely to ask their courageous companion to buy tampons or to help carry a chair.

▬ Be more determined

Let’s call it “checking the elasticity of the distance”: if a girl is resolutely against a sudden kiss on the lips or embraces during a walk, it seems that a serious conversation cannot be avoided.

▬ Provoke

A simple refusal to her next request can put a lot in places. If you do not want to wait, the situation will spur the innocent question of how to get to know the girlfriend’s friend.

How to get out of the friendzone?

■ Change

There are no general rules here, alas. But it is useful to make changes to the shopping marathon, carefully planned by the lady, with lunch at her favorite restaurant and a pleasant evening in her own adorable movie theater. Girls like surprises!

■ Handle

And once again about the “test of the elasticity of the distance.” It should be cut gently and delicately, but aggressively. To straighten a strand of hair that has come out of her ear, fasten the lock on the dress, hold her back with fingertips, kiss the back of the head and everything in such a romantic spirit.

■ Put in place

A girl should be made to understand that there is life without her immense ego. It is necessary to stop indulging in all her whims, including refusing to listen to the whining of past failed dates and her boyfriends who have abandoned her.

■ Reduce communication time

Speaking of life without her. If you refuse a girl in meetings (within reasonable limits, of course), she will have a reason to wonder who this mysterious impregnable handsome man is for her. Perhaps these thoughts will make her reconsider the relationship.

■ Well and most importantly

Do not behave with a girl as a friend, but as a man. Having handed over the bouquet and freeing your hands in this way, resolutely take the situation in them: decide for yourself how and where your date will go. Less emotional talks, more flirting!

By Cindy
April 15, 2019

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