Meeting with the parents: how to please the girl’s parents?

So this uneasy moment has come in your life – acquaintance with the girl’s parents. How to please the girl’s parents – read the detailed instructions.

Unlike those who call themselves your friends, I will not ask how you came to the question “How to please the girl’s parents?”, I’d rather help with the advice.

1. All truth in foots! All gloss readers know that women primarily pay attention to men’s shoes. Parents know about it: if not from magazines, then from their own experience. So, going to visit, put on the coolest shoes. And of course, do not forget to spend the evening on it in order to clean them to shine.

2. Anticipating acquaintance with parents, from time to time you can send cute trinkets for your girlfriend’s mother with a girl. It could be anything: chocolate, a can of beer, or a cake lying around in your pocket. So you can create a pleasant impression of yourself in advance.

3. If your girlfriend insists on meeting with her parents, it makes no sense to wait for a dinner party. Come to visit under the pretext of an important occupation – to fix the curlers, for example. And do not hurry in parallel to take up the repair of all outlets, hair dryers and irons in the house. The probability is high that the father of your girlfriend spent half his life trying to make them work. Having achieved success in one evening only, you can upset him.

4. A smile combined with a direct look in the eyes makes a lasting impression on girls, women, children, old people and pets. This is the psychological weapon that will put you on a par with superheroes.

5. You can give a compliment to mother, noticing that now it is clear to you why the daughter is so clever and beautiful.

6. With dad even easier. Show interest in his hobbies. Let’s say he collects night pots. Do not act like a professional – you can sincerely admit that you know very little about pots, and lie that you are very interested. Do not hesitate: an enthusiastic person can spend hours and hours with pleasure talking about objects of adoration. Remember how you talked about the new Xbox with your cactus a week ago until six in the morning.

By Cindy
April 14, 2019

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