7 facts about flirting that every man should know

Flirting is what happens from the moment you meet.

Sometimes the task to approach an attractive stranger and enter into a casual conversation with her can be briefly described as “mission impossible”. Believe me, scientists have the same problems! Therefore, they seriously attended to and studied the science of flirting up and down. And even willing to share with you their findings.

 People flirt for various reasons.

Northern Illinois University professor David Dryden Henningsen identifies six different reasons why people flirt.

• Sex. The obvious way to get the other person to bed.

• Curiosity. The desire to try on the likelihood of a relationship with this particular person.

•Relations. Attempting to change the degree of intimacy, that is, simply speaking, to get out of the notorious friend-zone, letting the subject of his passion know about their real feelings.

• Selfishness. Some are flirting solely in order to appear fatal seducers in their own eyes.

• Manipulation. The desire to get something from another person.

• Entertainment. For some, flirting is a kind of sport. Feelings or even sexual interest have nothing to do with it.

Henningsen did research. He gave 101 women and 99 men to listen to the recording of the same conversation, the participants of which flirted with each other, and then asked to identify the reasons for which they do it. It turned out that the majority of men believed that the conversation had a sexual background, and the majority of women called relationships as motivation. Bear this in mind when the next time an attractive stranger (or old acquaintance) begins to give you signs of attention.

People have a sense of affection after talking.

A psychologist from the University of New York conducted such an experiment in 1997: he forced unfamiliar people to ask each other 36 questions, starting with fairly neutral ones (“Would you like to become famous?”, “Do you rehearse a conversation before a phone call? “) to a very personal one (” Who would your death grieve you the most? “,” What kind of thing would you save from your house from a fire? “).

As a result, after this experiment, the pairs got into each other sympathy, and the two even began to meet. So the safe way to flirt is to ask the object of your interest personal questions, starting with the innocent and gradually increasing the degree of candor. The main thing is not to overdo it!

Men usually overestimate the interest that a woman shows to them.

Sad news! Data from several studies immediately confirm that heterosexual men usually overestimate the sexual interest that a woman has in them. And women, on the contrary, underestimate.

Behavior after flirting depends on gender

Scientists from McGill University in Canada conducted this experiment: men who were in a relationship with girls were introduced to an attractive woman who began to flirt with them. After that, they were asked if they could forgive their partner if they knew that she was flirting with other men. The overwhelming majority of 74 men responded negatively.

A similar experiment was conducted with women. After flirting with an attractive stranger, scientists questioned them if they would have forgiven their partner if they knew that he had flirted with other women. Most of the participants in the experiment responded positively.

The most affordable women seem the most attractive.

A psychologist from Webster University studied the behavior of 200 women in public places (bars, cafes, parks and libraries) and found out that women who send men non-verbal signals that they are free (smile, look closely, fix their hair) were more often called attractive. than women who are indifferent to the men present.

Look into her eyes!

Eye contact really works. And how! A study published on the website of the American Psychological Association confirms this fact. 48 heterosexual students, strangers to each other, were asked to look into each other’s eyes for two minutes. And 48 more students – the same time to look at each other’s hands. As a result of the experiment, it turned out that in the first case, sympathy arose in 54% of couples, and in the second – in 3%.

Touch increases chance of success.

Bear in mind that this is not a shoulder massage, but just a fleeting touch. In 2004, the French psychologist Nicolas Gaugin conducted an experiment: 20 men asked the phone from strangers on the streets. Half as if by chance touched the hands of girls. Those men who touched women received a telephone number much more often.

Even better, if you use a great perfume, she will feel the aroma before she sees you. And if, turning round, she still will not remain disappointed, consider that you have almost achieved your goal!

By Cindy
April 12, 2019

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