What will tell about the girl her favorite pose in Instagram?

All this time, while you were puzzled, why did the girls accept these strange positions, they, it turns out, sent secret signs!

If you have always been curious about what the girls on Instagram want to say when putting photos in spectacular poses, then I have two great news for you at once. First, you are not alone. And secondly, concerned scientists finally put the solution to this problem at the forefront.

An expert on body language analyzed the most popular poses of girls on Instagram and delivered her verdict.


In the photo, the girl strenuously pretends not to pose at all, just the photographer took her by surprise just at that moment when she froze in an unnatural, but very elegant pose: with a straight back, on the tip of a chair and fixed her gaze somewhere in eternity (although in fact on a brick wall).

Verdict. This is a shy pose. This pose is usually taken by girls who want to demonstrate their own sexuality, but are not fully confident in their attractiveness. “No, no, I never thought of posing!” Says this pose, and the general public should not know how much time is spent in finding a satisfying angle for a girl.


If you do not know what the “Bambi pose” is, then this glaring gap in education can be corrected here. For others, I summarize that this is another pose that pretends to be innocent, but actually looks seductive.

Verdict. This girl is well aware that she is very attractive. But she does not want people around to guess how much she tried for this photo.


Another pretty fresh trend from Instagram is a photo with a hand near the face.

Verdict. With this pose girl wants to draw extra attention to her face. Before you – is a self-confident yoke that signals: “Look more attentively here!”


According to rumors, if the girl was at sea or at any other reservoir, including the village quarry, and was not photographed in the pose with her legs wide open, then this rest was not officially considered to be complete.

Verdict. This is the pose of a very confident girl. She leaves her stomach open and demonstrates her legs. The girl is photographed almost naked and does it completely without embarrassment, as if telling the world: “Look how attractive I am!”


It is believed that duck lips have already discredited itself. Nevertheless, many girls are still faithful to it. Or maybe the smartphone camera focused on the face causes this unconditioned reflex.

Verdict. This is a particularly seductive pose: pouting lips, as we all know, signal about arousal. But if you dig deeper, this position is chosen by girls who want to hide their insecurity.

By Cindy
April 11, 2019

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