Curving is another relationship trend that everyone can fall victim to

In fact, curving was practiced by our ancestors but they just did not know what it is called.

Many trends in modern relationships, such as ghosting, are associated with the emergence and development of modern technologies. That is hardly a serf in the middle of the XIX century was worried about some kind of ghosting, because for him it was necessary to have at least access to social networks.

But with curving things are different. After all, curving has always existed, just people did not know that this trend of relations is called that. That is, even the peasant was subjected to curving! As if he already lacked troubles …

So, curving is when the subject of your interest does not reject you directly, as befits an honest woman, but sluggishly keeps on a hook. For example, the invitation to go together somewhere on Saturday night, the girl instead of the answer “No, I will not go anywhere with you, because you are Aquarius, and I am Leo, and never write me again” begins to invent excuses. Something like answers: “I would really like, but, unfortunately, my cousin, who was sick with typhus, just came from Philadelphia, and I urgently need to bring him to the museum of the Impressionists. Let’s do it next time?”

And here, inspired by a polite answer, you make a plan for the “other time” all week. But, amazing thing, and next weekend the girl has polite excuses! And in the following. And after five years. And then you accidentally find out that the girl has long been married and brings up five huskies. And you’re bold.

It was a classic example of curving. And you fell victim to it. But who is to blame? The girl who did not have the courage to directly reject you, or you, who long believed her sluggish excuses?

Well of course the girl! But it hurts you. So I wish in the future you will have the wisdom to immediately recognize the curving and not waste precious years of male reproductive health on unpromising relationships, which are difficult to call relationships. After all, if a girl really wants to meet you, she knows your phone number.

By Cindy
April 9, 2019

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