What is “ phubbing” and why is it dangerous for your relationship?

Find out if you are phubbing those around you and if they are phubbing you.

The more energetic technologies develop, the more our vocabulary flourishes with new concepts. And now we welcome the new word – phubbing!

The neologism is made up of the words snub and phone. And very soon phubbing has become a real problem of communication between modern people.

How can you understand that you are phubbing or that somebody is phubbing you? Very simple: when one of the participants in the meeting looks at the conversation in parallel, or even stares openly at the screen of his smartphone. At the same time, the person staring at the screen has the impudence to moo something like: “Yeah, yeah, no-no, I’m listening to you, what a horror, but what is she, and what is he …”

Often we ourselves are phubbing friends and loved ones. It seems to us that nothing terrible will happen if, during the exciting story of the girl about how she spent her day, we will see what is new in the Instagram on the dog with a human face. It seems, think what this … We do not listen with our eyes, but with our ears! (Wow, what a strange face this dog has!) But psychologists believe the opposite: they are convinced that those who are phubbing the interlocutor significantly worsen the quality of the relationship. Moreover, it is not only the one who is phubbing who suffers, but also the one who is phubbed.

In general, if you don’t want to drastically degrade the quality of your relationships with others, I recommend you turn off the sound on your phone before the meeting and keep it away. (For example, quietly shove it in the waiter’s pocket. Or in the mouth of a giraffe – if the meeting takes place at the zoo:))

By Cindy
April 5, 2019

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