5 scientifically proven techniques that will increase the chances to make the right impression on the first date

If you want to make a date as successful as possible, follow these tips. Still, they came up with reliable people in white coats.

Don’t go too far with eye contact.

Two studies have shown that a continuous look into the eyes of the interlocutor can be perceived by them not as an interest, but as a threat. Therefore, listening to the girl’s story about how she won second place in the “Cross Stitch” competition, look away every 11 seconds. But not too long, otherwise she decides that you are not interested in her. Or in cross stitch.

Do as she does

A study by a group of Dutch scientists has proven the benefit of mimicry when trying to charm the interlocutor. In the results of the study, scientists tell in detail about several types of mimicry that human individuals of different sexes use to make an impression. But you don’t have to go deep into the scientific jungle: it’s enough to mirror the girl’s movements a couple of times and order the same dish as she does. Carefully choose the time for mirroring and ordering, otherwise you risk to powder your nose and stay with a plate of low-calorie spinach.

Let her eat cakes!

A curious study was conducted at Purdue American University. It turns out that both men and women have an increasing interest in relationships if, at the time of communication with a potential candidate, he or she swallows sweets. Apparently, the fact is that sugar provokes the production of the hormone joy endorphin. And now the merry girl, eating the last piece of “cheesecake”, thinks: “Oh, so what, that he has gills! This is not the main thing in a man. ” So be safe and, as soon as the girl appears on the horizon, throw a cake into her.

Put her on skis

Or on any other type of sports equipment. Scientists from the University of Mackendry in the US state of Illinois had a lot of fun: they forced the 70 participants in the experiment to do active physical exercises, after which they showed them pictures of people of the opposite sex. It turned out that the adrenaline rush contributed to the benevolent location of the experiment participants to the photos. They enthusiastically agreed to go on a date with those who were captured in the pictures. So your task is to ensure the adrenaline rush to the girl. Sports to help you.

Watch her feet

An interesting fact that sounds, however, more like a speculation. Since the legs are located at a maximum distance from the head, it is difficult for the brain to control them, and therefore they are able to tell about the true attitude of their owner to the interlocutor. So, if a girl’s legs look at you with her toes (that is, at your feet), she id interested in you. If in the direction of the exit – your business is bad.

By Cindy
April 4, 2019

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