How to kiss a girl for the first time (instruction)

It is only at first glance everything seems to be simple. As if not so: the conditions for the first kiss should be perfect.

New girl is great! These are hopes for a bright future and the promise of multiple spiritual and physical joys. But at the beginning of any new relationship there is a test that not every newly-wedded couple withstand. The test is the first kiss.

At first glance it may seem that the first kiss is so trivial. In fact, the first kiss hides a lot of pitfalls – even if it does not happen in a river.

But do not worry, right now I will write for you detailed instructions on how to make the first kiss really special, and not anyhow. So…

1. Stay alone with a girl

No buddies, casual companions or grandmother of the girl. You do not need extra irritants that will distract the girl from the most important. So at the same time take care that there were not only people around, but also bright things, like the World Cup final for male striptease or a unicorn juggling with pandas.

2. Do not rush

Passion is, of course, a good thing, but not quite suitable for the first kiss. The fact that you do not know how to hold back feelings when she is around, let the girl know later (20 minutes later). In the meantime, let her relax, and do not go with kisses as soon as you find yourself alone. It is better to offer a drink of wine and start a conversation about something neutral.

3. Don’t ask if you can kiss her.

It’s amazing how many times this truth was spoken in movies, TV shows and articles, but at the crucial moment someone still says, “Can I kiss you?” Of course, in an era when harassment turned into reality, a similar question is not as dumb as any something 10 years ago. But if there is some kind of relationship between you, thre is no need to ask.

4. Move closer

And not only because kissing at a distance of an extended ironing board is inconvenient. Simply, the closer you are the calmer girl will be about the presence of such an outstanding male as you in her own personal comfort zone. Get used to your indescribable smell and a powerful wave of fluids. Just sit next to or stand there.

5. Heat the atmosphere

It’s not enough to just not sing. While you communicate and you, I remind, sit or stand beside, touch her as often as possible. But by no means aggressive! And do not pinch her nose – no, this is not cute, this is strange. But hold your fingers on the back of the neck, touch the shoulder or take the hair from the eyes (girls, not your own) is even possible.

6. Designate your intentions.

Let him understand that you are not here to discuss business registration. Bring your face close to hers, look at her lips and pull away. This, so to speak, the general rehearsal.

7. Try not to show your euphoria after the kiss.


This should not be. Of course, you can tell you how happy you are, but try to do it with dignity, that is, quietly, looking the girl in the eye.

By Cindy
April 3, 2019

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