Suddenly: women are more attracted to men who are already in a relationship

Scientists have figured out why you really need to marry.

Usually, when a society begins unobtrusively (and soon and obtrusively) to offer men to marry in the nearest registry office, it operates with the following theses: marriage is necessary to continue the race; marriage is necessary in order not to be left without a bowl of soup; marriage is needed because everyone has a marriage, but you do not. But, it seems, for once, scientists have found a weighty reason to associate yourself with long-term relationships with a woman. And this excuse came from where it was not expected.

The results of a joint study of scientists from four different universities have recently been published. A study with such an extensive scientific base concerned one of the most important phenomena in the Universe – male attractiveness. It turned out amazing.

We used to think that attractiveness is made up of antique specimens of beauty and generally accepted standards of appearance. It turned out that there is one more factor that can play a fatal role in the female perception of a man.

Researchers for several weeks showed photographs of men to women agreeing in laboratory conditions. All men had different appearance, clothes, were photographed on a different background, and sometimes not alone, but in the company of other people.

So, throughout the study, the subjects showed a stable result. The most attractive, they called not the most pumped up men and not those who were photographed leaning on a Ferrari, no. The most attractive, they found those men, next to whom on the photo was another woman!

That is, the presence of a partner next to a man made him more attractive prey in the eyes of other women. Scientists have explained this phenomenon by the fact that women want to enter into relations with the most powerful male, and if another woman has already chosen him, then he worthes it.

So try to go out with your partner more often. Even if you don’t meet anyone, you might read the admiration in the eyes of the women around you.

By Cindy
April 2, 2019

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