Bridging – a trend of modern relations, which is even worse than ghosting!

Once I told you how not to become a victim of ghosting. Now I will tell you how to avoid bridging.

I like to speculate that numerous social networks and dating sites did not simplify the personal life of the citizens of the Earth, but, on the contrary, complicated it. However, this is a rhetorical argument: a supporter of modern technology may notice that, despite the subtleties of modern correspondence, in some 12th century it was even more difficult to care for a girl: you had to achieve it for many months, write poems, kill a dragon, and then die of cold in the venerable 23 years.

But one thing is certain: modern technologies have introduced into our vocabulary many new unknown words. Here, for example, ghosting.

Ghosting is one of the newest trends in relationships. Alas, not the most fun. But only we got used to the treachery of the ghosting, as the bridging appeared. And it is even worse.

Bridging is “ghosting on steroids”. That is, a person does not just enter into a relationship with you, but then suddenly quits without giving a reason, avoiding you in social networks. No, everything is much more insidious: before disappearing forever from your life, the girl vigorously convinces you that you were made for each other, that this is fate, and why should you not move together for next weekend. And then – bang! – and disappears. And you remain not only with a broken heart (if you managed to begin to exude feelings), but also with a dumbfounded brain. Why did she convince you that you have everything forever ?!

However, the reverse gender situation is more common: the man convinces the girl that he had never experienced anything like that and that they are destined to sail into the sunset on a ship with scarlet sails, but after a couple of meetings he floats away on the ship alone, and in an unknown direction.

So, what to do to avoid becoming a victim of the bridging? Do not believe in the sincerity of the girl’s feelings here and so right away, from the threshold. Of course, after a couple of months, it’s normal to talk about spiritual closeness between two adults, but confessing love on a third date is too much.

And, of course, do not go down to the bridging. In the end, many girls absolutely do not need all such a beautiful you, and forever. Some girls, you won’t believe, are also looking for non-binding meetings. So do not be deceived and do not deceive yourself.

By Cindy
April 1, 2019

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