Is there love at first sight? That’s what scientists think

Competent answer to the main question of all genders and peoples: is there or not?

So, psychologists encroached on the sacred and went to the Netherlands to look for the answer to the question of whether there is love at first sight or all of this dense myth, the delusions of a sore mind and complete garbage.

On the way, they caught 396 volunteers (mostly students with traditional sexual orientation, and 60% were girls) and, according to ancient custom, gave them a test.

At the first stage, the unfortunates were allowed to go through a frequent sieve of an online survey. At first they had to tell what was in their personal life, and then scientists began to slyly show them photos of mysterious strangers or strangers and ask: “Well, how do you feel? Not in love, an hour? And so? And if I cover her nose? And upside down? “

At the second stage, the test subjects were lured on quick dates. Those who stood for 20 minutes or 1.5 hours (as lucky) were released.

So, of all this crowd, only 32 romantics reported 49 times at all, when they had something stung, clicked or caught, and they understood: this is she, love at first sight! However, vigilant scientists noticed an alarming pattern: the more attractive was the sudden partner with whom the subject was brought together by fate, the more often he felt something like that. And second: no sudden love on a blitz-date did not reciprocate, alas!

“So that no one of your love at first sight exists! Fudge it all! And these your flashes and fireworks – the most common sexual attraction. It will catch fire at the moment of the first meeting, but does not last long, and you will forget about it faster than the pizza cools. So let’s write it down, ”the scientists made a disappointing conclusion.

This is indirectly confirmed by another moral: those participants who had regular partners during the study and who rolled their eyes that fell in love with them at first sight, described these relationships as more passionate.

By Cindy
March 30, 2019

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