10 best ideas for a romantic date in the spring

It’s time to go on dates, even if you are over 30, and the last time together you went to the grocery store – take your faithful by the hand and lead out into the street, create your own spring magic. In this article, I gathered for you the most interesting, original ideas for dating in the spring.

1. The hunt for flowers

In the spring, the first flowers appear, and you and your other half can arrange a flower-picking competition in the park. Anything, the main thing is for you two to have fun – and then you can put a bunch of flowers in a vase at home and admire the whole next week.

2. Hike to the zoo

In March, when many animals already woke up from hibernation, zoos again open their doors to visitors, and some even arrange holidays for the spring awakening.

3. Cycling

Bicycles are the most fun childhood memories that as an adult can turn an ordinary walk into a fascinating journey with a race to a race or a leisurely exploration of the city with subsequent stops at cafes and shops that interest you.

4. Spring fishing

It’s time to go fishing – in the early spring, when there are not so many fans on the rivers yet, and the fish have already woken up and are full of fun. There is a common misconception that only guys like fishing – many girls would like to join in the excitement of fishing for spinning, when you two go out to the middle of the river and compete who will catch the biggest fish.

5. Launching ships

Remember, when you were children, you made paper or wooden boats and ran to launch them into a ravine or a river. Why not repeat this wonderful experience in adulthood – the case can be approached more responsibly, the ships can be constructed more powerfully, more beautifully, and you can choose a lake for the launch in the nearest park.

6. Outdoor Concert

In the spring, when the evenings are getting warmer and you do not have to wrap up in a thousand clothes to go to the store for bread, many groups organize concerts in parks, on the streets, in the squares. Look for where such concerts are held in your city, or go to neighboring cities, take blankets with you and enjoy the music.

7. Evening session in the cinema

Evening, sunset on the sky, the smell of popcorn and the aromas of spring in the air, the sounds of a light romantic comedy – what could be better on a spring Friday evening?

8. Return to childhood

Spring is the time to unleash your inner child. Explore the nearest amusement park – buy cotton candy, ride a roller coaster, shoot a dash.

9. Feeding the ducks

In the parks, by March near the shores of the lakes, ducks, swans, begging for food from you, begin to appear. Buy a loaf of bread, a package of seeds and chocolates in the store for yourself – and go to the park to feed the birds.

10. Picnic

And what kind of spring without a picnic in the park? Finally, it is warm enough to pull a plaid out of the closet, take a basket for food, prepare sandwiches, salads or pastries and go to the warm spring sunshine.

Do not forget that the main thing in all these ideas is the presence of your loved one nearby, and the rest is pleasant trifles that help create an atmosphere of romance.

By Cindy
March 29, 2019

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