When your girlfriend is sick (survival instruction for you)

What to do you when you just can not please her.

If you meet a living woman, and not an imaginary woman, then sooner or later she will get sick – alas, these are the features of any human body. I have prepared for you a plan of action so that your girl’s illness does not take you by surprise.

Do not disappear without a reason (she will definitely remember this). It is clear that your first reaction – dancing, go to the helicopter and soar into the sky, like Dr. Moriarty. It is not necessary: ​​the girl will not forget and will not forgive such a betrayal. Therefore, if you are still going to run away, think up a respectful excuse – such as an urgent business trip.

Ask her if she needs your help. Well, the worthy reason to disappear wasn’t found. There remains a shaky hope that she will send you out the door, worrying about your health. But I would not really count on it. So your next step is to find out if the girl needs help. And not with hints and half hints like “How are you?” Or “I would help someone now.” Ask bluntly: “Do you need my help?”

Ask for clear instructions and mark boundaries. Immediately inform the girl that:

1. It is more convenient for you to get the lists of medicines and products closer to the end of the working day (and not 100 voice messages every 30 minutes).

2. You are able to take care of the cat, but not washing the floors and dishes. Therefore, invited housekeeper, and put the money in the nightstand.

3. You cannot talk to her all the work day, even if she is very bored and the series is downloading slowly. But you are ready to listen to her complaints about the state of health and mentally reach out a helping hand as much as twice a day for a minute (while walking along the office hall).

Do not advertise that you have ambitious plans for this evening (without her). Do not tease the girl with your bright rich life of a healthy person. Say that the plans for the evening can not be transferred, but it will be extremely boring, she will not lose anything. You and your friends will play Monopoly, watch golf or help a mutual friend with the move. But the fact that at the last moment you canceled all these plans to go to a strip club, is better not to say.

Be patient. Just be patient. Do you think she likes to lie with the temperature and wait until you finally bring her broth and massage your heels?

Watch your speech. Be careful with humor when you try to cheer her up. She is unlikely to appreciate the remark that with her lovely swollen red nose she can enter the circus arena without makeup.

Comfort through physical contact. Just by taking the girl by the hand or stroking the hair, you will reduce her stress by lowering the level of cortisol and at the same time give a feeling of security, closeness and trust, causing a surge of oxytocin. At the moment when you hold hands, you can stroke her palm on the back of the hand with your thumb. Easily hugging, you will achieve the same effect.

By Cindy
March 27, 2019

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