7 pessimistic facts about modern relationships

It would seem that we are much easier to meet than the previous generation. Those had to endlessly go on a visit and listen to the records, before they met something remotely similar to that they were not ashamed to bring home. We also have dating sites where people come to get acquainted purposefully, and you can choose from thousands of different personalities without even leaving your home!

Modern meeting and dating have several unfortunate flaws. Judge for yourself.

1. You can correspond for a long time, but you will never meet

You exchange a couple of brisk messages, find out that both prefer the preservation of furniture to pets, and even share a pair of formal sexual fantasies. But here everything still does not reach the meeting: then she gets cold, then you start a big wash. After that, the online communication either fades away, or you become good pen-pal and exchange messages for several more years, even when both have families and pets. Why virtual sympathy does not lead to a real meeting? No, I do not have an answer to this question, it is rhetorical.

2. Dating sites are still not trusted.

Even those couples who met on dating sites, prefer to hush up this fact. And lonely people prefer not to register on sites, considering that they are full of “perverts” (although some, on the contrary, it attracts).

3. Online likes are biased.

When you have a huge choice of faces and figures, it is difficult for the consciousness to divide them into cute and unsympathetic. Photos turn into a monotonous visual mess, and any striking difference can attract your attention. Yes, yes, that’s why you wrote a girl with a tattoo on her face. Although always could not stand tattoos.

4. She knows about you still before the first date.

As soon as the girl got your first and last name at her disposal, you are defenseless. Be sure that she will immediately look at your pages on social networks, find out who you are by a horoscope, and even go to the site of your institute rock band (it’s time to delete it, by the way). Nowadays such concepts as “privacy” and “personal life” have already become anachronisms. On the first date you can no longer lie, everything is now in the public domain! And if there is no information about you, it is even more suspicious.

5. Choice corrupts

Even if you go on a date with a nice girl and you have a good time, you will be tormented by the thought: “What if there are better girls? For example, the one with green hair … Or the one who wrote in the profile that she can walk on her hands … ”The infinity of choice that dating sites provide us becomes a trap for the development of relationships. Why should I stop there, if it can be better? The search may be delayed and become part of nature.

6. Women still expect you to pay the bill.

Despite feminism and emancipation, women still believe that a man should pay for a date bill. Strictly speaking, I think so too.

7. With marriage nothing ends

Never before was adultery so available! Dating sites provide endless opportunities for married men and women to distract themselves from their home chores and organize themselves a cozy personal adultery outside of marriage.

By Cindy
March 24, 2019

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