How to prevent betrayal

Behave so that the girl does not cheat on you even in her own fantasies!

How with the help of simple behavior to reduce the risk of betrayal.

1. Load her with duties

For the sake of the girl, you maintain order in the apartment, almost do not drink, and even screwed the bolt. And you also cook dinner and listen to tantrums. So? Then do not be surprised that one day, having staged a visit to a beauty salon, she will go on a visit to another. A woman begins to truly cherish a man only when she puts something significant in the relationship, it can be any duties, whether it is cooking breakfast or cleaning.

2. Talk about stupid things.

Often the reason for betrayal is a secret resentment. You looked at the saleswoman in the wrong way, looked too closely at a photo of Gal Gadot, often give a lift to secretary Ashley… Separately, all these are little things. But they, like a snowball, accumulate in a woman’s subconscious and provoke a deep insult. Accidentally wounded pride, jealousy and excessive suspiciousness of the girl will make her suspect you of treason. It is likely that in retaliation, she will lie in bed with another. Eradicate resentment is simple. It is enough to talk with the girl about how she could be hurt, explaining that Gadot is just a magazine photo, the saleswoman has braces on her teeth, and Ashley finally bought the car.

3. Surprise her

Have you been together for a long time and everything is good and measured? Stability is great. But a woman needs an emotional jolt from time to time, she is looking for new impressions. This is a normal need of the psyche, and if this need is not satisfied (clubs, erotic games, extreme sports), then the girl will look for fresh sensations with other partners.

4. Appreciate her opinion.

One of the reasons for treason is the constant struggle of partners for domination. A girl can sleep with another just because that person appreciates her point of view. Of course, this is normal when you choose a new laptop for it. But at least create the illusion of joint choice. The girl is important to understand that in the end the responsibility for making the decision lies with the man. But when making this decision, she should feel that her opinion is important to you and it does not go unheeded. Next time, no matter what you argue, let the woman speak, try to convince her that the other decision (yours) is better, and wait until she agrees with it.

By Cindy
March 23, 2019

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