20 armor piercing tips on flirting

No foolish pickup tricks – only the most effective ways to get the girl you like the most.

1. The golden rule of three seconds. If you meet the gaze with the girl you were looking at, smile at her and look away. Wait a few minutes, and then you can admire her again. If the young lady catches your gaze a second time, do not take it away, but look at her straight in the eye for exactly three seconds. You are already on cotact, and the girl is waiting for you to turn to her.

2. Do you have a dog or the cat ‘sneaker exterminator’? Well, it’s time for them to work out their content. Women: a) love to listen to funny stories about animals ib) subconsciously trust a guy who already has experience in caring for a living creature.

3. Do not forget to tell in passing that you are excellent at playing some musical instrument. If you suddenly ever have a relationship, then, on occasion, just tell her that you lied, because you wanted to make an impression. With this recognition, she will be touched even more than by the “Moonlight Sonata.”

4. If you decide to praise her appearance, the coolest thing will be to make a compliment to shoes or earrings. Here the girl will be sure that your words are caused by your good taste, and not by a banal male reaction to a deep cleavage, tight jeans or a short skirt.

5. On the first date, turn off the smartphone

6. Never send your friend to explain: “My friend really likes you.” Especially if you are over twelve years old.

7. Do not talk about how much you earn. It always looks silly.

8. Talking to her, do not look at the floor: a person who avoids a direct look does not look modest, but thinking something bad.

9. If she turns rings on fingers, straightens clothes or shakes hair with a hand, this is a good sign. It is she who is so semi-unconsciously preening before you.

10. Never give girls business cards.

11. Slow dance is, of course, the curse of our whole life, but there is practically no more convenient way to really get to know a lady.

12. Afraid that you will be refused? Approach a large group of girls and say the words of invitation to all at once. While they will be thinking about whom you are, in fact, addressing, boldly stretch the hand to the one that looks the most confused.

13. If one of the two girls is pretty and the other is just her girlfriend, talk to the beautiful and flirt with the friend. So no one will be offended, and the beauty will still understand what you mean.

14. If you wear a tie, loosen the knot and unbutton the top button of the shirt. For some reason, women like it a lot.

15. Do not wear too tight pants.

16. It would be nice to mention in a conversation that, even if at the moment you are leading a perfect bachelor life, in the future you will certainly plan to acquire a home, a wife and children. And even a dog. Such recognition will make the young lady mentally put a mark next to you: promising, but not yet revealed potential.

17. If you managed to get the number, you do not need to immediately call back with a goal to make sure that it is correct. If her phone, lying right there on the table, does not ring, then you both will feel like idiots. If you ring, you will look like a desperate, pitiful type who is not so sure of himself that does not even believe that a girl can give him the right number.

18. Talk a little about yourself and much about her.

19. If she invites you to her coffee, then it may very well be that she really means only coffee.

20. After the first date (if you, of course, count on the second), it is not enough to push the girl on the bus or catch a taxi for her. Take her home by yourself or call a taxi from a good company and don’t forget to pay for it.

By Cindy
March 22, 2019

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