What type of parting is the most painful

Anyone who has been in a relationship at least once will confirm that more often they end up with parting. And if the first is rather pleasant, then the second is a hard procedure, from which side of the barricades you would not be. But there are some nuances!

So what kind of parting causes more pain? Of course, I’ll say right away that the subtype, when she takes a flat from you through the court and forbids seeing a cat, isn’t considered.

We distinguish two main types.

The first type is comparative failure. That is, when your girlfriend leaves you for another man (or even another woman), it is much more painful to realize than if there was any guarantee that she would live alone and bitter remorse after parting with you. Thus, the “comparative failure” hurts much more than the “absolute.” This by the way works with women too.

The second type is an informational failure. A person who does not have information about the reasons for the breakup (even if it is some kind of ridiculous excuse in the spirit of “I’m sick of you constantly lying on the couch and not looking for a job”) suffers this breakup harder. Once in the information vacuum, he is inclined again and again to return to this situation in his mind in order to find a solution. Yes, the fact that you drunk called your ex at two o’clock in the morning and shouted into the phone: “For what?” – there is an explanation from the psychological point of view.

And here comes the logical question. What is more humane: to report that the reason for the break in your relationship is romance on the side or not to say anything at all? Optimal is still to tell the truth, but to give minimum details. So, if you decide to use the advice, remember that information like “And she loves to drink beer, watch football and does not forbid me to play the console as much as I want” is better to keep to yourself. Or use the good old explanation about the MI-6 agent.

By Cindy
March 21, 2019

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