Dinner rules for men

A set of unshakable basic rules for dating in a restaurant.

These rules will be relevant for the first date, and for subsequent ones. And so, we begin.

The girl should be the first. In all

She first gets into the car or tram, first goes into the restaurant and the first makes the order. She is the first eagerly grabbing a basket of bread. And if for some reason they brought you a dish earlier, wait until the waiter puts a plate of food in front of the girl.

Do not order a salad!

According to some data (polls and, of course, women’s sites), every fifth woman thinks that the man who ordered the salad exclusively is a weakling. Meat is still considered the most courageous food. Before you order meat, make sure that your companion is not a vegetarian. She hardly wants to deal with a murderer.

Slow down

Men eat faster than women, so it’s in nature. This is not the case, try to eat slowly. In a sense, not like in slow motion, but just slower. In the end, you did not come here to eat, but to listen about how a pretty girl sitting opposite hated to play volleyball in a gym class in high school. Well, and other such incredibly interesting stories from her biography.

Ask questions

Clarifying questions will make the girl understand that she is interesting to you no less than the steak languidly sprawled before you on the plate. And mirror the questions. For example, if the companion asks: “Do you think that there is nothing in the world more attractive than the long-haired guinea pigs?” – answer: “No. And you?”

Maximum two servings of alcohol. Maximum

One serving of alcohol is enough to break the ice (especially if it is mulled wine), two servings are enough to fool together. The third is useful if you want to fight with other visitors of the bar for baskets of bread and frankly tell the girl what you really think about this hated volleyball. Seriously, few people are able to keep their sanity after the third portion of alcohol. I do not advise you to check on the first date whether you belong to this chosen minority.

Pay the bill

Even if you are chairing the society “Feminism is the path to progress”, forget about it for one evening. Payment of the bill is still the basic point of getting round the girl. And the more subtle and graceful you pay, the higher you will become in the eyes of your companion. There is no time to sit above the bill with a calculator in hand and exclaim: “You can imagine, they take money for bread!”

By Cindy
March 20, 2019

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