5 awkward situations on the first date and how to avoid them

Today we continue the theme of the first dates and consider several awkward situations that happened to everyone, and so that they do not repeat, I will tell you how to act in such situations.

1. Your interlocutor in the photo and in life are two different people.

You communicated online, agreed on a date, but here is a surprise – the person who you expected to see did not come at all. Whether he has someone else’s picture on his avatar, or his own, but with photoshop, in any case, you didn’t get what you expected.

What to do

If you meet online, choose proven services to find a partner. As a rule, they take care to save users from such problems.

Want more photos – ask the other person to send a selfie in the chat.

2. You do not know how to greet each other

With hugs, it’s early, and the awkward “Um, hello” is somehow completely depressing. As a result, both of you are standing and kneading, not daring to start a conversation.

What to do

Remember: shy is normal. You are seeing for the first time, so nothing strange that at first there will be a feeling of constraint. Do not hide yourself in – you have a date to have a good time, so try to relax.

Your interlocutor is probably not very comfortable either. Smile, joke (just not on the verge) – since you came on a date, it means that this person has attracted you with something, so let him feel it.

3. Awkward pause in conversation

The conversation does not work. You are trying to talk about one thing or another, but the conversation is constantly disappearing. As a result, the meeting turns into torture: sit in silent and want to quickly go home. It is a pity, but at first everything looked promising.

What to do

The first date is like an interview: the more carefully you prepare for it, the better it will go.

When it is not possible to study in advance the interests of a person, you will have to do it right on a date. Your sincere interest is a sign that you have liked the interlocutor, so feel free to ask questions and feel free to clarify if you know little about any of his hobbies. Tell about yourself – suddenly there will be some points of contact, there will be a reason to meet again.

4. The interlocutor sticks to the smartphone all evening

You are trying to talk about something, but in vain: the interlocutor, as he buried his phone in the beginning of the meeting, never gets out of it.

It seems he doesn’t care at all. As a result, you despair to get his attention and also take up a smartphone.

What to do

Perhaps your partner has some urgent questions about work, perhaps he needs to solve something with his family or friends. Ask what the problem is – if something is really important, it may be better to postpone the date.

If he answers all the questions: “No, no, nothing urgent” – but he continues stubbornly pointing his finger at the screen, unfortunately, something is unlikely to come out of it. Either you are not very interesting to him, or he has become dependent on his precious smartphone – both options put a cross on the development of relations.

5. Not enough money to pay the bill

You have eaten nicely in a cafe, but here the waiter brings a check. You look at the total amount and you understand: it’s a fail. It turns out to be a rather unpleasant situation: it’s embarrassing to say that you didn’t calculate the expenses, but you still have to pay.

What to do

Honesty is the best policy, so don’t beat around the bush. Admit that the meeting cost more than you planned. If you share the costs – great, just be sure to specify how and when you can repay the debt.

Another option is to call your friends to bring the missing amount. You’ll have to wait, but show that you can solve problems with your own (well, almost) strength.

P.S. The secret of a successful date is simple: look for those with whom you are interested, and do not worry about any trifles. Remember that you are not in an exam or interview, so relax and be yourself.

By Cindy
March 19, 2019

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