8 types of your girlfriend’s friends

It is only at first glance it seems that your girlfriend’s friends are cute giggling creatures that smell good. But they can pose a real threat on your relationship! I classify girlfriends and attach taming instructions to each type.

Traditionally, poets and writers glorified the high standards of male friendship, implying that women cope with the cause of friendship somehow worse and very differently. But in fact, friends in the life of a woman play an even greater role than friends – in yours. Her friends create for her the rear, the family and the team where she will go if something goes wrong in your life. And “something is wrong” can happen because you treated your girlfriends wrongly and understood them poorly.

Therefore, it is better to tolerate friends and be able to handle them. To help you – a brief guide to their main varieties.

Party girl

Despite a couple of hundreds of fans, she will always have time to run to you during a break between afterparty and flying to the Maldives. To run in and pour a bucket of luxurious news about the celebration of life on your head, in which you, lazy paired seals, no longer participate.


The fact that she constantly invites your girl to where lonely men go to look for pleasant acquaintances. The spirit of adventurism that spreads around the party girl, threatens the peaceful flow of your quiet life together.


Use this free energy fountain and walk wherever your friend calls your girlfriend. Of course, with constant relations, clubs, dances on the embankment and fun till the morning lose a good three-fourths of the meaning, but you can have a good time with the remaining quarter.


The former husband offended her, the current one escaped, her own mother threatens to throw her things outside. She lost her travel card and fell ill with typhus. And she had her phone stolen, a cat bit her leg. Her relationship with men is a continuous endless catastrophe, her career resembles excerpts from a horror story, and she has nowhere to live until April. It’s good that the folding bed is idle on your balcony.


Your girlfriend as a noble person will always come to her friend in trouble, and you will be the perfect tool for this help every time. You’ll have to load the things of the poor thing when she is thrown out of the apartment, down the stairs from the scoundrels who broke her life, to be present at her birth, so that the doctors would not think that the baby does not have a dad … And now you have something like a second wife.


If you have a friend whom you don’t feel sorry for, you can try to introduce them – what if a big bright feeling flashes there?


Breathing in perfumes and mists, she comes to tell how her dear bought the sixth bank, won Olympic gold and took her out to Paris for breakfast yesterday, so that she could admire the first violets in Montmartre. He is perfect in everything. His wife gives your girl all sorts of pleasant, necessary little things like diamond necklaces, always pays for their gatherings in the restaurant and gives her irrelevant coats of this season.


When communicating with your girlfriend’s friend, you involuntarily feel that you have on your forehead the stamp “Second grade”. And it does not improve your mood.


Here it is more important to understand what not to do. Do not call Mr. Ideal a goat in private conversations with your girlfriend. No need to get angry, nervous, rude or openly jealous. But flattering, stuffing in the best friends to him, too, is not worth it.


With all your might, you pretended not to notice all these smiles, stretches and too tender kisses at the meeting. As long as you are not faced with the fact: your girlfriend’s friend is clearly interested in you. Now the question is what to do next.


Yes, there are girls focused on the husbands and boyfriends of their girlfriends. And hope that the girl will not know anything, it is impossible: she will know everything, because a friend will surely tell her – not immediately, then later. For the sake of this story in many ways everything is done.


Firstly, do not agree to the proposal, no matter how tempting it looks or flutters. Secondly, directly and clearly explain why you will not do this. Do not smirk, slipping away, but open your mouth and say: “Sorry, you are very beautiful and all that, but I love my girlfriend.”

Continued in the next post.

By Cindy
March 16, 2019

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