First date: 5 hazardous, in women’s opinion, mistakes that you can make

Not to allow a single miss on the first date is how to win at Minesweeper!

Today, as I have promised,  I will tell you what qualities and actions of men on the first date forever transfer you to the ignore list.

At number one are pickup vehicles. I can give a 100% guarantee that if a new acquaintance on the first date tries to pick up a thing with a woman, then the second meeting will not be for sure. So you have to forget about all these phrases in the spirit of “Are your parents astronomers? Then where did they get such a star? ”.

In the second place in the list of repulsive masculine qualities is narcissism. Remember, no one is willing to build a relationship with a daffodil. Have you almost entered Harvard and can do bench press? Set aside the fascinating stories until you get to know each other better.

In third place is bad breath. So garlic croutons will have to be postponed for after the date. In that case, of course, if it does not end at your new girlfriend place.

Also, modern men spend too much time on dates with their smartphone. Of course, sometimes she pulls out to check the social networks, when the story of your new acquaintance, even if very attractive, about how she went to the camp in the seventh grade, is delayed. But do not be tempted – and you will be rewarded!

My list definitely includes “talks about politics”, “irritability”, “lack of a sense of humor”.

But in order not to finally intimidate you and leave you alone for life, I will give a little advice.

Women also have their disadvantages, and most of us realize that a man is also a man with his own problems, attitudes and principles. Therefore, you should not build yourself a macho or pretend to be who you are not. We want to build honest and strong delineations. Be yourself and that’s all that is required of you. After all, if this is your woman, she will love you the way you are.

So, as you can see, not to screw up on the first date is not so difficult. No more difficult than playing the Minesweeper game. Good luck! 

By Cindy
March 15, 2019

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