What is a microcheating and how to understand that you have become its victim

I have already talked about the latest trends in relationships, such as hosting and stashing. Trends are unpleasant, but can not be compared with today’s topic. Treason. In the classical understanding treason – physical contact on the side, and it is absolutely not important, it was an intimate closeness, a kiss or an embrace. But today I will talk about the latest form of betrayal, which would never have entered our lives if it were not for the notorious social networks.

On the one hand, modern relationships have become simpler. First, to get acquainted with a woman, you had to drive a hundred miles through the mud and then be rejected at the ball. And now it is enough to enter Tinder and be rejected without getting off the couch!

On the other hand, relations have become more complicated: in particular, more varieties of betrayal have appeared. So, today we are discussing the so-called microcheating.

About what is a microcheating, how to understand that you have become its victim, or that you yourself are microcheating.

Microcheating can be considered as if you secretly communicate with someone from your partner on social networks; if you have jokes with this person that only you can understand; if you deliberately belittle the value of this relationship when you finally tell about it to your partner.

Yes, alas. What you considered to be an innocent correspondence with Angela, with whom you once sat at the same desk in 3rd grade, is in fact treason. In essence, cheating is all that you seek to hide from your partner. By the way, if your partner hides the phone or slams the laptop at your approach, it is possible that she is microcheating. Although there is still hope that she just looks at something indecent.

And so, we figured out what a microcheating is, understood are you cheating or not. And now a very simple, but effective advice on how to understand that you have become a victim of such treason. Watch. Just watch carefully. Pay attention to the behavior of your darling, when you’re around. Does she hide her phone, laptop, is she ready to give you the password from her laptop (not to be confused with the password from social networks!), if she puts the phone face down or go to another room to send a message.. All this are micro signals of microcheating.

In general, to avoid any conflict with your half, be extremely honest. And if suddenly you suspected something – do not play the spy, hacking into all possible social networks, but simply ask directly.

By Cindy
March 12, 2019

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