Careful break up: How to leave a girl as a gentleman (Continuation)

Forget about eloquence

Another good move is to choose just one argument and repeat it like a Jacquot parrot, not allowing you to divert yourself into the deep jungle. For example, to all her arguments that you are a perfect couple, that her mother adores you, that you have forget-me-not eyes, say: “We are too different.” In this case, she will not be able to draw you into an unproductive discussion, during which you can tell each other unpleasant things. If you stand your ground, even if devoid of logic, her patience will run out and she will give up on trying to clarify the situation. What you wanted.

Cut immediately

If a woman after the phrase “We need to part” falls to the floor and tears her hair on all underdeveloped places, show rigidity. Say that you understand her feelings, pat her shoulder in a friendly way, but leave instead of trying to console her with hot tea, soothing hugs and encouraging kisses.

If the next day she calls and complains that she is sick and there is no one to go for her medicine, show generosity. Buy everything she needs and take it to her, but no more. You should not throw a bag of aspirin over the threshold and immediately run away, but you do not need to stay longer for 5-10 minutes with the former lover. Any steps back, that is, meetings, conversations, not to mention sexual intercourse, will lead to the fact that the girl will expect to continue the relationship. Usually, men who are unsure of themselves maintain a communication thread, because their task is to keep a woman on a leash. It makes them feel important. It is pleasant for such losers to believe that a girl who is not going anywhere is waiting for them all the time. That is, there is always the opportunity to moor to a safe haven. But you’re not like that, right?

Be ready for a meeting

You came to drink a cup of tea to the Pope, and she already sits on the couch. If not a lot of time has passed after the break, spread a few phrases with her, find a reason and take a bow. Do not be too polite – she might think that you have woken old feelings. But to pretend that you do not notice it is an extremely unfortunate decision. To pass by in such a situation and not to say hello is a false delicacy. A demonstration that a person does not exist will be perceived as an insult. It is worth remaining polite, but reduce the dialogue to a minimum.

Do not advertise new relationships

Stages of shock, denial and acceptance last for the weaker sex for at least two or three months, so at this time it is undesirable to post a photo with a new passion and a caption: “Finally I met my love!” Under no circumstances should you demonstrate that you have a different relationship. In this case, the mechanism of competition with another woman is activated, and the feelings of a abandoned girl may flare up anew. New passion, by the way, is also unlikely to be grateful to you.

Do not chat

Another common male mistake is discussing your break with your acquaintances. Remember that a long tongue paints only an anteater. If you have a general circle of friends, your words will inevitably be transferred to her. And she will experience discomfort and pain, hearing about how you announce the details of your personal relationship with her. So, if you break up with a woman, then you should discuss the details of this solely with her.

Make communicative gifts

Even if the girl has already forgotten how you dried your underwear with her hair dryer, she would still be pleased with your congratulations on the New Year and birthday. Banal “Happy holiday! Be the happiest! ”Will allow her to think that she was special to you. But it is important to make sure that your ex is no longer living in the past. Therefore, the New Year, birthday is a good reason to express gratitude to the girl for being in your life. Such congratulations show the person that he was not just used, but treated sincerely.

By Cindy
March 10, 2019

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