Careful break up: How to leave a girl as a gentleman

So, you decided to leave her. How to do it? What can I say to keep her self-esteem?

Since this world is full of diversity, girls are able to react very variably to reports that you do not want to be with them anymore. The range extends from “Ok, super, ciao!” to Shakespeare’s drum scale. If you suspect that your situation is closer to the last option, it will be desirable to conduct several strategic maneuvers.

The main rule: behave like a gentleman. Any parting is a blow to women’s self-esteem. If it is not initiated by a girl, she has doubts about her attractiveness, sexuality. It must be remembered that biologically girls are much worse prepared for failures than are high-strength men in this regard. So take the blame on yourself, oh noble reader! She’s beautiful and clever, and you’re a freak and an idiot. Everything is as usual.

Reduce the effect of surprise

So that your message does not sound like a bolt from the blue, begin to prepare the girl for what is happening at least a week before. Eliminate sex. Get away in yourself. To the question “What happened?”, Shrug and say: “Oh, nothing!”. Generally, the pain of separation is felt badly by the people for whom it became a complete surprise. If a girl suspects that something is going wrong in your relationship, she will be somehow prepared for information about the break.

Choose the right moment

The day her cat fell out of the balcony is a bad time for parting. It is also very ignoble of you to start a conversation about separation at the moment when she needs to go somewhere, for example, to work: the need to suppress burning fresh emotions which can lead to stress and disruption. February 13, December 31, and her birthday – special pans without a non-stick coating were prepared in the hell for those who leave girls on those dates. Some believe that at the party around her there will be a mass of friends and relatives who will be able to comfort and entertain her. But hope is not worth it. Firstly, at the moment of shock, many, on the contrary, want loneliness. Secondly, watching the happy couple of friends, the girl will be especially acutely felt abandoned.

Do not make a mistake with the place

She won’t be able to pack you up in bags in a public place, so you can bet on the cafe. It is considered that it is better to part with a girl in her territory. But this is not always true. After being left alone, she is more at risk of experiencing stress. The presence of strangers will help her save face – many girls, rolling a tantrum, then regret that they showed you their vulnerability.

On the other hand, it is worth understanding that in such a situation there is a risk of an ugly public scene, and the girl is unlikely to be grateful for making her sob, scream and throw donuts in front of several dozen delighted spectators. So when choosing an action scene, it is important to know the temperament of the young lady, the degree of her attachment to you and the ability to control herself.

Find the right words

Start a conversation with a listing of its merits. Then say that, despite all this splendor, you are not ready for a serious relationship. It is very important to be persuasive for the girl to understand: if you were ready to go to the registry office, then you would marry her. In the conversation it is desirable to devalue your own merits. Therefore, a suitable remark would be: “you just wasting time with me. I’m not worth you”. Explain that you are not the man who can surround her with care and admiration.

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By Cindy
March 9, 2019

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